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The main places to have a wonderful countdown in Bangkok

New year is a time for celebration , so everyone needs a memorial place to countdown. If you do not make a decision about where to go yet , Bangkok is a wonderful place to bring your special person to countdown with.

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     Literally , new year is a time for beginning a another year . However , it is a symbol for beginning everything for one's life. Many people believe that if you can begin your new year with joy , glee , and brightness ,  that year will bring a lot of good luck to you. To start the year with wonderful time , you need to have an amazing place to countdown with your special person. Bangkok is a very interesting destination for the tourists to come to countdown. These are the main place to countdown in Bangkok.
1. Central world

      "Bangkok countdown @ central world" is big festival to do a welfare with this year and welcome a new upcoming year. It is the 8th best countdown festival in the world , and it is the center for countdown in South East Asia. All big media agencies in the world will come to report about this big festival every year. Central world has been organizing new year countdown for 10 years already. It is getting better every year . This is the reason why local people and traveller choose this place for fulfill their special time. Every year , there are around 500,000 people joining countdown in front of Central world. You will have a chance to join a lot of activities such as concert from Thai famous singer and watching beautiful firework. The largest life style shopping destination in Bangkok is the center for countdown where you should not miss if you are in Bangkok during new year.
2. Asiatique

     If you think that in front of central world is too crowded , there is another interesting destination aside Chao Phra Ya river which is Asiatique the river front. This place will give a different feeling compared to countdown in front of central world. In Asiatique , you will have a chill and relaxing feeling because of a slow wind blowing from Chaopraya river. It is very romantic if you are standing and watching the view of the river with your lover in the night that connect this year with new year. The advantage of countdown in Asiatique is you can find a food easily because there are many restaurants providing various kind of food for you.  Moreover , please do not miss the firework in the midnight. 
3. Khaosarn Road

       Being party boy and girl , you cannot miss countdown in Khaosarn road. Most of the clubs will launch a promotion for beverage to welcome an upcoming year and visitor. It will be very amazing to share a feeling with people who love party like you by drinking and dancing together. If you are very lucky, you will have a chance to celebrate new year with the famous DJ. Many clubs will have a famous DJ to surprise the guest. Khaosarn road is another interesting place to start your year with join
4. Wat Pathumwanaram

     This is the different way to celebrate the new year. If party or concert is not your choice for starting your year , being in the temple in a good choice. You do not need to be Buddhist to celebrate new year in Buddhism monastery. You can join mediation to start your new year with true peace from your own mind.
     There are many interesting places to join countdown in Bangkok. You can choose depending on your life style or your favorite style. If you like many places , do not need to worry. You can prepare a well-plan to have a wonderful night across the year y starting in one place and move to another place. By the way , no matter where you will choose to do countdown , I wish you very happy new year and have a success life all the year.

Example video of countdown 2014 in front of Central world , Bangkok

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