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Wat Poramaiyikawat Worawihan , Amazing Temple in Koh Kret

This article is going to take you to visit the amazing and beautiful temple in Koh Kret island where you can learn a lot about Mon tradition.

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The background information of this temple.

     Wat Poramaiyikawat Worawihan , the beautiful temple in Koh Kret, There is an important Buddha image of Nonthaburi situated in this temple which is Phra Nonthamunin. The local people call this temple as Wat Pak-ao meaning the temple in front of the bay. In front of the pier, you can see a wooden castle in five notched peaks structure containing Mon  traditional coffin of the chief of the monk in this temple from the past. Mon is the name of ethic group migrating from Myanmar.Moreover, the beautiful ordination hall was renovated  in the reign of king Rama the fifth in order to dedicate merit to princess Sudarat Rajaprayul who raise up his majesty king Rama V. However, king Rama V wanted to preserve Mon's tradition by letting the monk chanting in Mon language. The other important element is Tripitaka written in Mon language.Tripitaka is   the
traditional term used by Buddhist traditions to describe their various canons
of scriptures. 

These are the things you should not miss in this temple.

1.Sloped Pagoda

      This is the attractive pagoda you will see once you reach this temple , or even you may see it from far away when you are on the boat. This is a traditional Mon pagoda  imitated the Mutao Pagoda from Pago city in Myanmar. Inside this pagoda , there is  the important monk's relic respected by Mon community. The reason that make this pagoda becoming slope is  that the current of the river destroy the bank. You may wonder when you see a big red cloth wrapping the peak of the pagoda , this is the Mon tradition. Fine Arts Department wants to reserve this uniqueness , so there is no renovation to make the pagoda becomes straight. The traveller will remember Koh Kret because of  sloped pagoda.
2. The ordination hall

    It was mentioned above that this ordination hall was renovated in the reign of King Rama the fifth. In that era , there is a lot of change among Thai community influenced by western civilization which is also display in the mural painting inside this temple. For example, you can see the picture of  Thai house decorated in western style. This mural painting is able to tell many aspects in Thai history.
3. The three important trees in Buddhism.

     According to Lord Buddha 's biography , his life was attached to many kinds of tree. Therefore , Buddhist people respect the trees related to Lord Buddha 's story. In this temple there are tree kinds of important tree. Firstly , it is Bodhi tree . Lord buddha attained the enlightenment while sitting under the Bodhi tree. Next is  the Jambul tree. When Lord Buddha was young , he accompanied his father to attend ploughing ceremony,and he was getting disturbed. He solved the problem by escaping to sit under Jambul tree and meditate. This is the reason why Jambul tree or Ton wa is important for Buddhist.Lastly, it is Banyan tree. After succeeding enlightenment , Lord Buddha was sitting under Banyan tree for seven days. You will see Thai people worshiping these important trees by wrapping the color textile around the tree.
4. Museum in this temple

     There is the museum in this temple displaying the way of life of the people in Koh Kret from the past. You can see many artifact remains in this museum.The highlight is the pottery which is the important folk wisdom of native people in Koh Kret. Nowadays , it is still an important product bringing a lot of income for people in Koh Kret.
The most recommended way to come to this temple.

     As Koh Kret is an island , coming here by taking a boat is an amazing way. You can take a boat from Wanglang pier to Nonthaburi pier. Then , taking Tuk-Tuk to Wat Sa namneau.In front of Wat Sanamneau , you can take a boat to Wat Poramaiyakawat. Around the temple , you can try many Thai traditional foods sold by Thai people and shopping for some souvenirs.

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