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This article is for anyone in this world who have already found love and looking for some place to travel with your soulmate,honeymoon and get married.

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I'm not surprised that many couples choose to get married in Thailand. The place where has the perfect location for important moment in your life that is.......Marriage

So, today I'm going to show you why Thailand is a choice and how interesting is marriage in Thailand.           

Marriage in Thailand is fast

The process of Thai marriage is quite fast. The requirements for a foreigner are simple. You just have a passport with appropriate entries and a statement from the embassy testifying that you are single or legally divorced.

After you have all of the documents that have already translated. You can take them to any district office where you can register in front of witnesses. And then you and your partner become officially man and wife!
Thailand is a perfact place to have a marriage ceremony and honeymoon

A wedding ceremony is not legally required. But anyway many couples love to have it for make their important moment more special. The most popular place to have a marriage ceremony is the beach or the mountain that provide a great background to take wedding pictures and also good to have a wedding party. 

After your wedding you can travel around Thailand for your honeymoon. You will enjoy a variety of activities such as swimming, diving, surfing, hiking and shopping.  
Thailand is economical country

All costs in Thailand is much lower than Western countries or many countries in Asia such as accommodation, food, transportation or any service. But In cheaper price doesn't mean you will get bad products or services. For sure you still can get the good things.

Just choose the place to stay and eat like the local people. You will spend your money less than you think!
Accessible transportation

Travelling by airplane in Thailand is very convenient and not expensive. There are lots of low cost airlines that always have promotion and there are many flights per day. You can check it out and plan before you come.

Besides by airplane you also can travel around the country by train, bus,van, private car or rent taxi.

The best personal service

You will see Thai people smile and do their best to make you happy. Thai people take pleasure in helping and serving others. It's kind of the culture that we always pay attention to the details which people in other countries might not think about.

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