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Wang Bang Khun Prom : Dazzling Palace To See Development Of Thai Banking System

This article is going to guide you to visit Bangkhunprom palace where now it is The national Bank of Thailand.

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     The marvelous yellow building standing in Chaopraya riverside. Passing by , you will be fascinated especially in the evening .Your eye will be stunned with the image of the beautiful palace reflected on the river until you cannot miss to bring your camera to record this beautiful moment. This palace is Wang Bangkhunprom. 100 years and more  passed , time cannot destroy the beauty and the magical charm of this palace. This palace still remain to challenge the power of the time and its beauty has never been lost.

     This palace was built in  the reign of King Rama the 5th. His majesty the king wanted to give to his  33th son , prince of Nakhonsawan. This palace is very beautiful , so it was selected to be  a place to used for welcoming the royal guest . It is also a place to arrange social function among the royal family members or high class people. Apart from being an entertain pace , Wang Bangkhunprom in the past was a small university for aristocrat girls who need to learn significant housework such as cooking , making a garland ,  and  embroidery.  In 1932 ,Thailand has changed from absolute monarchy to democracy , and Prince of Nakhonsawan moved to stay in Praseban palace , Bangdung city ,Indonesia. This palace was changed to be Thailand National Bank in 1945.

World of Thai money

     In the past , banknote or coin are not the middle element to exchange the product among a group of people in the society.This room will exhibit how Thais in the pre -historic period did a trading. The middle element for exchanging the goods might be the valuable accessories such as breed , silver bracelet , bronze axe. It is amazing to learn how people in the past creating the financial system on their own.
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Ancient money

Banknote room

     This room displays how Thai banknote has been developed from the past to the present. It will very interesting to see how banknote has been changed the form.

Thai national bank

     Learning history of something is always boring, but it is not true for this room exhibiting the procession of development of Thai National Bank. You will learn it through beautiful animation. This room will make you know about the president of Thai national bank from the past to the present.
The pink room

     This room is the most beautiful room in this palace. Entering the room , you will feel like standing in the fairy tale palace because four sides of the wall and the cieling is painted in soft pink color. That is why this room known as a pink room. The color of the room goes well with the golden color of the frame. It creates sense of  being luxurious. In the past this room was the throne hall in Wang Bangkhunprom . The prince who was an owner of the palace used this pink room for welcoming and entertain the guest. Therefore, you can imagine how vivid of this room in the past when there were some social functions.
     These are examples of the room in Bangkhunprom palace. Each room has his own uniqueness. Wang Bangkhunprom is welcoming various style of tourists. Being a photographer , you can enjoy taking photo of the scenery. If you like to study history , you can come to learn about  history of Thai banking system here. The good news is there is no entrance fee to visit Bangkhunprom palace.

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