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Outstanding Small Elements To See In The Marble Temple

Normally temple will be gold , but the ordination hall in the marble temple is white so it is very attractive for the tourist.However, this article will guide you too see a small detail in this temple.

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If you don't know what does the Marble Temple look like ?

Firstly , You don't need to search for any information on the Internet or ask anyone. Please turn back your 5 Baht coin. You will see a picture of a marvellous temple in the back.

" That is the Marble Temple or  Wat Benchamabophit "
A brief historical background   about the  Marble Temple

     The exactly year that the temple was established  does not obviously revealed. Locals tell that the old name of this temple was Wat Leam or Wat Thraitong. However , during the reign of King Rama the 3 rd , Siam was attacked by Laos leaded the army by King Anuwong.  King Rama the3rd of Siam appointed his brother , Prince Panomwan who was the son of King Rama the2nd and  Jaojom  (lady) Sila , to base the army in this temple area.After the war finished , Prince Panomwan accompanied by his 5 siblings build five pagodas in front of this temple. After that in the reign of King chulalongkorn ( King Rama the 5th) , there was a big renovation by his majesty the king's order , and he gave the new name which was Wat Benchamabophit to be a commemoration to 5 princes and princesses who firstly build the pagoda in front of the temple. Bencha means five in Sanskrit language .
These are the interesting elements that you cannot miss in the Marble Temple.

1. The couple of the white lions in front of the ordination hall

 Two White huge lions stand in front of the ordination hall . According  Thai belief , these two lions which look a little bit frightening will be the guard at the ordination hall. These two lion was molded by Khun Sakhonpradit and designed by Prince Narit.
2. Gable carved the picture of weaving lady

The gable is located in the high point. If you are deliberately notice , you will not see any detail. The gable has a picture of weaving lady on it. It reveals Thai society that it is the society that has a long history about textile as you can see how beautiful of Thai silk.
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picture credit : http://qstudios83.blogspot.com

3. The wooden gate carved the divine picture

This wooden gate is a big wonderful handicraft work. There is a picture of divine being inside. It is the same like the lion in front of the ordination hall. Thais believe that this divine being will take care of the temple.
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picture credit : http://qstudios83.blogspot.com

 4. The colourful stained glass inside the ordination hall

The  stained glass in the ordination hall is another outstanding element because  the stain glassed is the influence of western culture , but it is painted some  eastern divine being inside the mirror.  These two things from different part of the world can create the very beautiful stained glass mirror which is very attractive for the tourist. Many people always has a question why the marble temple uses color stained glass not white mirror. Due to the white color from the marble , This temple need to use colourful mirror to make the ordination hall become marvelous.
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picture credit : http://qstudios83.blogspot.com

 5. The  great pagodas mural paintings

Entering the ordination hall , you will see many small mural painting of many pagodas and you might wonder what are these pagodas. These are pagodas containing Lord Buddha's relic all around Thailand. It is a very creative idea to imitated these pagodas to a mural painting inside the ordination hall because when you come to make merit in the marble temple , it is as the same as you go to pay respect to the pagoda all around Thailand.
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picture credit : http://qstudios83.blogspot.com

The main propose of this article is to suggest you to pay attention to  the small element  when you visit a new place. People always look at the biggest and the most famous thing in that tourist attraction place. However , if you try to open your heart to see some small detail , you will see another beauty which anyone does not see. It will be your great experience.

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