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Phahurat Textile Market & Sampeng Lane

Known as Thailand's Little India, Phahurat is where you will find the variety of goods, particularly, cloth and some tasty food along the small alleys.

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Located in Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok, Phahurat is an ethic neighborhood of origin Indian and Chinese people live. The name of Phahurat is firstly named from 'Bahurada' by King Chulalonkorn in the remembrance of his daughter Princess Bahurada Manimaya. More than a century ago, a Sikh community settled and established a textile trading center here. This area becomes the popular hustling & bustling market. It's a classic shopping site from old generation and now let's shop!
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Mostly the shops provide textile and fabric for custom made. Here, there are all materials to make your own clothe such as fabric in ordered amount or whole sale, various buttons, colorful ribbons, lots of threads and etc. You can but textile here in piece like retail or buy in whole sale, but we suggest you get the whole sale because the price is lots cheaper in big amount, sometimes half price from the retail one. Besides, the small tools and devices in dress making process are sold as well such as handy sewer, cotter pin, scissor and so on.
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Along the street, new neatly-made dresses are shown in the stores. The lovely colorful skirt and simple shirt in earth tone color can be purchased on the way. The shop owner displays lots of Thai traditional dress and accessory. When it's time for Thai Festivals like Songkran Day and Loy Kratong, you can come here and buy those typical dress for yourself or your kids for the spacial occasion. Opposite to Phahurat road is China World which just opened recently and provides hundreds shop of silk, linen, jeans and other fabrics. Its advantage is that it offers cool air from air conditioner through out whole building.
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Not only products, but you can eat delicious food from original restaurants and food stalls. The original egg-noodle is at the Chinese restaurant and imported fruits are selling on the carts like cherry and pomegranate. The nearby interesting attractions are such as the sprawling Sampeng Market where you can buy lots of dry food, bakery ingredients, the 4-storey India Emporium with lots of textile stores in cool air and The Old Siam where Thai desserts and food are plentifully offered all day. Here's the multinational combination of Indian, Chinese &Thai where you should pay a visit once!

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