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JJ Green : hip place to hang out at Mochit

After strolling all day at JJ market shopping paradise, let take a visit at JJ Green, a recent area of chillness and relaxation.

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Chatuchak Market or JJ Market is well-known as the biggest market in Asia where everything can be found from home decorating to food, but you probably don't know that a new lifestyle area is popped up nearby called 'JJ Green'. Jatuchak Green or JJ Green starts to open from 5pm until late night around 1.30am. So, don't worry that it'll be too hot. You can visit here from Thursday to Sunday and the direction to this market is really easy. Just take BTS and step out at Mochit Station or MRT Chatuchak Station.
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Most of shops here provide classic stuffs such as Vintage, secondhand clothes, shoes and collection of souvenirs. Also, the small items like handmade keychain, dolls, accessory, home decorating and design furniture are offered as well. The shoppers must love this market due to its chilling atmosphere and you won't be annoyed from many people. If you are looking for a gift or souvenir for your friends, you'll find several creative ideas. Besides, shoes lover would enjoy shopping here as the price is not too high and the quality is quite good.
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Many souvenir stores are set simply with movable store and, some, on the ground with a mat. For vintage stores, they display all cool stuffs in one block of building, so customers can take time and have a look around. The market is lighted with orange bulbs and decorated with some greenish trees and special offer from each store. Moreover, JJ Green has many things to surprise! There is an open hat band where a group of friends is playing music and the traveler can throw coins in that hat. They all look happy and fun! There! The still robot which will move if you put some coins in the box.
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Not only goods & products, JJ Green is also popular for food and drink. Lots of food stores & bars are placed in the eating zone. After being tired from shopping and feeling hungry, you can try tasty food like TomYum Chicken Noodle, Crispy Pork and Red Pork with rice, Boiled chicken with garlic rice, Sukiyaki and so on. Waling a bit further, you'll see 20+ corner where you can sit chilly and drink cold beer. Bars at JJ Green offer stylish display with good food and various drink like fruit juice, soda drink, cocktail and whisky. Some bars open its second floor for the better sky view of night JJ Green. This weekend let take time here with good people, good stuff and a bottle of good beer.

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