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Thai traditional desserts that you cannot miss in Bangkok

The previous article I have recommended about typical Thai food that you must try in Bangkok.
This time is a continued episode because I am going to tell you about the unique Thai dessert that you have to eat.

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Cake , cookie , pie  are very easy to find in the western country , so when a tourist travels in Bangkok , I would rather ask them to try a local dessert. Most of the Thai desserts are made from the fruit or natural product because in the past Thailand was an agriculture society. These are eight Thai desserts that you cannot miss .
1. Kanomchan  (layer dessert made from coconut milk)
Kanom means dessert , and chan means layers. Therefore , Kanomchan means the dessert that comes in a layer. It is made from coconut milk , and it  tastes slightly sweet and a bit oily. I would rather suggest you to go for  Kanomchan having a flower scent because some shops put an edible and naturul perfume when they bake Kanomchan.
Normally , Kanomchan contains nine layers because Thais believe that number nine is a symbol of advance and prosperity. There is one shop in Bangkok which is very famous for Kanomchan named Sujitporn. For further information , please chech the shop 's website : http://www.sujitporn.com/ .
2. Sankaya  (Thai cream custard in the pumpkin)
Sankaya is the coconut cream custard made from egg and coconut milk. It will serve in the  pumpkin , so you can eat pumpkin along with Sankaya.  This menu is not too sweetbecause you can balance the taste in your mouth by eating pumpkin and Sankaya in one bite. Don't be sad if you don't like to eat pumpkin because some shops can serve Sankaya with the sweet sticky rice. In the past  Thais eat Sankaya in the auspicious ceremony  , but now it is available everytime.
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Sankaya pumpkin

3. Lookchoop ( stirred  sweet bean )
Lookchoop is the most colorful Thai dessert because it serve in a form of various kinds of fruit. It looks very cute and attractive for those who have seen it , and it is very difficult to control yourself not to put it in your mouth. Lookchoop is made from a bean. They will stir the bean until it becomes sticky , and then  make a fruit pattern.  The recommended shop for Lookchoop is  " KHUNKAE KANOMWAN" SHOP in Bon marche market.

4. Salim (sweet vermicelli in coconut milk)
After being under the sun all day , Salim is the best dessert to reinforce your energy back. Salim is a sweet vermicelli made from the green bean. Generally , there are three color available which are white , green , and pink.  It will serve in a cold coconut milk. Some shop will also put a slided jackfruit in Salim.  This menu is suitable for those who don't like too much sweet.

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Salim with jackfruit

5. Khaotommat (banana in the sweet sticky rice)

This menu is very easy to carry , so you can eat while you are travelling. Also , it is a sticky rice , it will fill your stomach and give you more energy to travel.  Khaotommat is a sticky rice contained banana inside. This menu is not too sweet , but if you like too much sweet , you can put a more sugar or you can eat it with sweetened condensed milk. Khaotommat is available is in most of the dessert shop even a  side street  shop.
6.Kluaycheum ( banana in  gravy syrup )
This menu is for those who love sweet taste and banana. Kluaychem is a boiled banana in gravy syrup which have coconut milk on the top. This menu is very delicious because the gravy syrup is absorbed into banana . It will make banana become very smoothly sweet. Don't worry it will not be too much sweet because there is a salty taste of the coconut milk to decrease level of the sweet.
7.Foithong (gold egg yolks thread)
Foithong is another sweet menu that you must try before leaving Bangkok. Foithong is made from the gold egg vermicelli drawn into sugar syrup. Actually , nowadays there is two kind of Foithong in Thailand. First is crispy Foithong which is not too much sweet because some of syrup is gone.  Another one is Foithong in syrup which is going to be very sweet. You can choose any kinds you like.
8 .  Fruit in syrup The finally menu is fruit in syrup. It is fruit boiled in syrup , so it will become very tasty because you can feel sweet from both fruit and syrup. The highlight is you can choose many kind of fruit to put in the syrup.  The famous fruit are rambutan  , pineapple , and lychee .In thailand , it is very convenient to find this menu is a department store. It will come in a can , so you only need to open the can and easily put the ice inside.
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Fruit in syrup

Sweet Sweet Sweet !!!
Let eat sweet in Bangkok together.

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