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Eight typical Thai dishes you must try

This article is going to recommend Thai dishes which are not popular among the travelers.

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I am sure everyone has heard about famous Thai dishes such as Tomyamkung ( shrimp spicy soup ) , Padthai ( fried Thai noodle ), or Somtam ( papaya salad ) . You may think that Thailand has only this amount of food. That is very wrong notion !!. In fact , there are many local foods which are waiting for you to try. These are eight local foods that you must try when you visit bangkok.
1. Padkraprow ( fried meat with basil )
There is a joke among Thais that if you do not know what to eat , Padkraprow is the best choice . Padkraprow is fried meat cooked with Thai local sauce and basil. You can choose any kind of meat you like to make padkraprow such as pork , chicken , and beef. Thai cook can also provide you even seafood padkraprow. Padkrapow will be very tasty if you eat with hot rice. This menu is available in most of the food shops in  Bangkok.
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picture from : talk.mthai.com

2.Khaochae ( rice in a jasmine water )
Khaochae is a traditional dishes. It is a rice served in a scent water. The smell of the water is very unique. You will feel very fresh because of the jasmine smell. The rice will serve with food made from coconut which tastes sweet. The recommended shop is Khaochae Thanying.
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picture from : thaistudiesb4.exteen.com


Map to go to Khaochae Thanying

3.Kanomjean ( Vermicelli )
Kanomjean is a Thai vermicelli served with a curry. There are two main kinds of curry with is Namprik and Namya. Namprik is a sweet curry made from coconut milk . It is suitable for those who do not like spicy. If you are spicy food fanclub , Namya is for you. Namya is also a curry made from coconut milk and fish , but it is very spicy. Do not forget to put vegetable into your kanomjean dish because it will balance the taste in your mouth . If you want to go for Kanomjean buffet , you can go to Chaodin shop. For the further detail , please visit https://th-th.facebook.com/kanomjeanbuffet.
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picture from : phuketairportthai.com

4. Namprik ( spicy sauce )
You may wonder how Thais eat spicy sauce. Normally , Thais eat Namprik as a sauce for boiled vegetable , omlette , or fish with a hot rice .You can adapt the spicy level by telling a cook that how spicy you can eat. The well known belief among Thais is the girl eating Namprik a lot will be very beautiful.
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Namprik with rice
picture from : la cuisine @ foodtravel.tv

5.Kangpa ( curry without coconut milk )
This menu is very suitable for those who are on diet. It is a curry with many kinds of local vegetable and less meat , and they will not put coconut milk into this menu. It is quite spicy.
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picture from : www.opensource-coffee.com

6. Kangleang ( herbal soup )
Kangleang is a typical Thai soup with a ton of vegetable such as cucurbitaceae , morning glory , banana flower ,  mushroom , pumpkin ,and corn.Those who care about being healthy should go for this menu. Especially , a mom who recently give a birth to her child ,This menu will help you increase your milk quantity. This menu is not spicy. You can eat Kangleang as a soup with your main dish.
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picture from : www.rosdee.co.th

7.Khaomankai ( rice with chicken )
It seems there is nothing special in this menu , but there is one famous shop in watergate area where a lot of people queue up to buy khaomankai. Khaomankai is a rice with boiled chicken. The highlight is the sauce. Khaomankai' s sauce is made from soya sauce with ginger. This kind of sauce can make a normal boiled chicken become amazing .
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picture from : www.tnews.co.th

1445301756 400px pratunam map

You can check Khaomankai watergate map here
picture from : http://wikitravel.org/en/Bangkok/Pratunam

8. Moosatae ( slided pork with seasoning )
Moosatae is a slided and grilled pork glazed with a seasoning sauce. It will serve with a sweet sauce. It will taste very wonderful when you dip a pork which is covered with a seasoning into a sweet sauce. However , if you are afraid that it will be too oily , the shop owner will give another sauce which tastes sour with a cucumber. It will help you balance the taste and you can enjoy eating to the maximum.
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picture from : www.thaifranchisecenter.com

Now your menu will not be limited only with Tomyamkung , Somtam ,and Padthai anymore.

Enjoy Thai foods.

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