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November full moon shine , Loy krathong , Loy krathong

Why Thais do Loy krathong ?
What actually Loy krathong is ?
Where we can go for Loy krathong ?

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  " Full moon shine in November  and  High level of water "

These are the symbol that the most colorful festival in Thailand is coming soon. The festival shining Bangkok with a small light of the candle. The festival that we can see a lot of people gathering in the edge of the river

Sure !!! We 're talking about Loy krathong festival

" Loy krathong "

Loy means to float some object
Krathong means a basket of flower made from banana leaf
Loy krathong means to float a basket of flower made from banana leaf

Generally  , Thais celebrate loy krathong in the mid of november which is twelth month of lunar calendar. In the evening , when the moon start shining on the sky , people will start coming out from their home to join the festival. There are many activities in the Loy krathong festival such as  homemade krathong competition , beauty pageant contest (Nang Nop Pa Mas) ,local game, traditional performance and many exhibition about loy krathong, However, a must for Thais in this festival is keep krathong in their hands and float it on the river. Also, you can decorate your krathong upon your favorite style. For example , you can put any kind of flowers you like , fancy incense stick or candle.

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Floating krathong
picture from : travel.kapook.com

What is the origin of loy krathong ?

In Sukhothai period ,  People always offer a floating lamp (hot air balloon) to worship the Buddha's foot print . However, Tao Srichulalak  who was  Phra Ruang's wife initially created a  basket made from banana leaf decorated by a lot of flower called Krathong.Then , Krathong become famous among Thais.

But now ,

The purpose of floating Krathong was changed. Thais not only do loy krathong for worshiping the Buddha's footprint anymore. These are the purpose to do loy krathong nowadays.

1. To pay respect to the river. 
2. To show their gratitude that river offers them water to use.
3. To apologize the goddess of river if they throw some trashes into the river.


Tao Srichularak , Krathong creator
picture from : scoop.mthai.com

Why Thais put some strange objects in krathong ?

You may wonder when you see Thais put something else apart from flower in their krathong such as coin , nail and hair . There are meanings behind this action.
Thais consider river as a holy natural elements , so they offer a coin in their krathong to salute Mae Khongkha (mother of water). Some people believe  that it can help them gain more wealthy. Apart from coin , they cut their nail or hair , and put inside their krathong because they believe that they float their bad luck with krathong.

Krathong made from corn leaf
picture from : www.bysrithai.com

I don't know where to go for loy krathong ?
This question will not be a big problem anymore. Today I will recommend three places where it is very famous for loy krathong in Bangkok.
1. Asiatique <loy krathong and shopping>
Recently . Asiatique becomes a famous place to do loy krathong because it organizes a lot of activities during this period. Asiatique imitates the atmosphere of the warehouse aside  Chaophaya river when it was a center for trading. Therefore , it is a great scene for taking a photo with krathong in the full moon shine  day. Here is also a complex for shopping and eatting, After finished loy krathong , you can find some Thai traditional food and shopping a souvenir for your friend
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loy krathong @ Asiatique
picture from : www.mcot.net

2.Phra Phuttha Yodfa Bridge < loy krathong with beautiful firework >
Phra Phuttha Yodfa Bridge Or called by Thai people as Sa phan put.Here you can have fun in term of joining a local game. There are many booth for playing many games . PALOOKPONG ( DART ) is the game that you have to throw the dart to break the balloon. If you can reach the target , you will get a prize.SOIDAO ( drawing a prize )is the easy game. You just choose a paper you like , and there is prize written inside a paper.YINGPEAUN  ( shooting)
is the game challenging your accuracy ability. You will shoot a doll . if it falls down , the doll will be yours. The highlight of loy krathong here is a firework. A colorful firework will shine on the sky in the middle of the night.it will be a very romantic scene for a loving couple.
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Firework in loy krathong day @ Putthayodfa bridge
picture from : www.bloggang.com

3.  Wat Sraket Rajavaravihara(Golden mount temple)
   <loy krathong  with temple festival>
There is a festival along with loy krathong period. It is well known among the local people as NGAN WAT POO KHAO THONG which is the origin of  temple festival or NGAN WAT in Thailand. You can try local food with a very reasonable price , and watch Thai traditional performance. The highlight of golden temple is climbing to the peak of the mountain and worshoping the Buddha ' s footprint before going to loy krathong. Standing on the peak , you will see view of Bangkok which is very wonderful scenario.
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Golden mount festival during loy krathong
picture from : www.tlcthai.com

Let's sing loy krathong song together.

Do not hesitate 
This is the greatest time to visit Thailand and take part of the most colorful festival.

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