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How to deal with Thai TAXI

Smart tips to use taxi in Bangkok for foreigners

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As a foreigner living in Bangkok, have you ever been being cheated by the taxi? If you follow our guide, you'll get through this situation as same as Thai people do.
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1. Uncommon meter
As you enter the taxi, firstly make sure that the meter starts from 35 Baht(1 us dollar), not more than that because it's the usual charged price. Sometimes the driver may claim that the price is rising due to some situation but believe me he or she just want to charge you more, so you can simply reject and find new one.
2. Broken meter
Sometimes you may confront with the driver who has no meter or excuses that the meter is broken, so s/he can ask for the flat fare that you don't know for the exact price you should pay. This case, do not argue with s/he to turn on the meter or get the discount, you can just take another taxi with good meter on.
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3. Unfixed flat fare
For some situations, you might have to agree with the flat fare. But for Thai taxi, anything could happen. If you step on the taxi already and after that the traffic is really bad, the driver can increase the price according to the situation or some drivers just turn on the meter all of sudden(which is more expensive than the flat fare). This time you can insist to pay the agreed price. But if the driver still insist in the meter price, then you can open the door and walk away at the next red light.
4. No change
This is the common situation that always happen to Thais too. After you pay the taxi fare, especially with big note, the driver often gives you a change less than usual or just take that change as a tip instead. For example, if the taxi fare is 91 Baht and you hand the 100 Baht bill, you may not get any change back because the driver doesn't have coins or small change. The solution is that next time you should prepare some coins like 1, 2, 5 or 10 Baht for the exact price.
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5. Complimentary offer
Some taxi-drivers seem to recommend you the great restaurants or souvenir shops. You might think that you meet a good taxi driver, but take time and think about it first. Most of time, if the driver insists to take you to that place, please bear in mind that there might be something wrong. Even if you have a super delicious meal, after all you may discover that the price is terribly expensive. So, you can check the price first or easily find some chic places via application like Wongnai(for restaurants).

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