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Let fulfill our brain at 20th national book fair

This article is going to give you a brief information about what you can do in 20th national book fair, and how to go to the fair.

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" Reading Open your World "

I think everyone have heard this phrase before . Do you think so?
If so , today i will take you the gate to open your world again.
What we can do in the 20 th Thailand national book fair ?
1. Shopping for the books
All publishes opening the booth in this exhibition will give you a discount around 10-20 % for new books and you might get 50-90 % off for old books. WOW. Not only getting a discount , you will get a special souvenir after buying a book which you can find only in book fair. For example , some publishers give a beautiful bag painted about the story in the book , beautiful key chain , and bookmark etc.
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picture from : www.dmc.tv

2. Meeting the famous writer
Some publishers invite the famous writer for promote thier books. Therefore , it is a great chance for you to meet or even take a photo with the famous writer. Last year Salmon publisher invited Prof Nelson s Howe who criticizes Thai culture through his jokes. Many people queued up and talked to him.
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Uncle Nelson S. Howe among Thai fan club
picture from :www.prachachat.net

3. Free seminar and workshop
Recently, workshop is become famous among Thai people. Some publishers provide a free workshop related to the book they sale in the national bookfair. It is very interesting because they provide a free equipment and trainer. You can choose a workshop or training upon your interest such as cooking , writing technique etc.
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Cosplay in national book fair
picture from : m.exteen.com

4. Prize hunter
Any booth will create an event to promote their books and upgrade the selling percentage. Normally , they will advertise their book for a while , and then start playing a game associated with the content of the book. Generally they will   ask you an easy question about the book. As long as you are able to answer the question , you will get a prize. The prize might be the book or the small souvenir from the publisher.
1444958761 20090406 book007

playing game with green read by SCG
picture from : www.diaryclub.com

Venue : Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) 
Time : 10.00-22.00
Date :21 october 2015 - 01 november 2015
Transport : MRT ; (Queen Sirikit National Convention Center station)
                   Bus  ; 138 , 185

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