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Six Cheap and Amazing Souvenirs from Thailand

This article is going to recommend the cheap product for travelers to buy and share among their friends.

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Many times you travel on the budget , and you don't have much money to buy a sophisticiated souvenir for all your friend. However, you are still thinking of them ,and you want to give some gift from Thailand. Now I will help you get rid of this problem. I would like to recommend 6 products that can be an exotic souvenir from Bangkok.
1.Thai coins
You anyways cannot exchange the Thai Bath coin to any currency. Therefore , you can take advantage by collecting the coin and give it to your friend as a gift from Thailand. It would be better if you can collect all kinds of Thai coins including 25 satang , 50 satang , 1 bath , 2 baht , 5 baht and 10 baht . Then, you can give to your friend by putting in small Thai bag made from silk. A series of Thai coin is a very interesting gift from Thailand.
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A series of Thai coins
picture from : currencythaibaht.wordpress.com

2. Herb balm ( ya - mong )
Having unique smell and a lot of benefits , herb balm is a well-known Thai product among the tourist. It is very good as a treatment for a small accident such as small wound , insect biting etc. You can also smell when you are getting dizzy . Due to the small size , it is very to carry it in your bag , and you can use anytime you want.
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Herb balm
picture from : www.chontongherb.com

3. Instant noodle ( Ma-ma )
Instant noodle !!! It sounds very ordinary but it is not common as you think. Thai instant noodle is very unique in term of the flavor. Here you have many flavor adapted for the local people which you cannot find anywhere. For example , instant noodle Tom yam KUNG flavor , green curry flavor and red soup flavor ( yen ta fo ). The best part is one instant noodle cost around 5-6 baht. Therefore , it can help you cover the number of friend who you want to give a gift.
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A variety flavor of an instant noodle in Thailand
picture from : obass.orgfree.com

4. Candy
It is similar to instant noodle. Thai candy has many flavors that is only available in Thailand such as Tamarind. One bag of the candy in a convenient store will cost you around 10-15 bath.
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picture from : yaakzo.lnwshop.com

5. notebook
Notebook is an everyday used stuff. In thailand you can find a lot of notebook whose cover page has an art work telling story about Thailand. When your friend starts using your notebook , he or she will think and gain more inspiration to come and visit Thailand. I would love to suggest you to buy notebook from a student selling in the side of the road because the cost will not be expensive like in the shopping mall , and you have a chance to uplift student's economic condition. 
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Elephant notebook
picture from : www.alllanna.com

6. Lays
Lays is available around the world , but in Thailand you will find  very unique flavor of Lays adapted from local food such as Chilly sauce or hot pot noodle. When you give to your friend in your country , it will give them a feeling like eating Thai food.
1444872784 lay s open kitchen kv 02new

picture from : www.positioningmag.com

This is how your friend might feel while trying Thai Lays first time.

Americans Try Thai Chips For The First Time

These 6 product are able to prove that unique souvenir does not need to be expensive.

Do not worry and Enjoy shopping in Bangkok

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