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Do you want to get a Thai vintage photo ?

This article will recommend you about application to make a vintage photo .

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It is true that we cannot go back  to take photo in the past.

However , the advance of technology nowadays can help us get a vintage photo with Thai land scenario.

Today  let me introduce one application name CULTURE EXPLORER. This application is going to help you get a beautiful photo easily.
Samsung together with Bangkok makes an application to take new generation people gain awareness about Thai history. It is a great opportunity that we connect the past and present with technology. You can touch the environment of the essential districts in Bangkok in the past.

These are three main purposes of this application.
1. To learn Thai history . (Rediscover)
2. To connect people into the past. (Reconnect)
3.To be proud with local history. (Remember)

How to use this application
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 1. You will see this welcoming page. Please put a mark in the square to accept the rule and policy of the application. Then , you can start searching for the place.
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2. Application will ask you to choose your favourite district where you can return to see that district in the past. There are a lot of main districts for you to choose .  For example , Rajdamnoen Road which is the first road in Bangkok , China town ,and Pathumwan where there are many shopping mall located.
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Place: The china town road

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Event : Chinese worshiping the god in the past

3. Once you finish choosing your favorite district , and  then you can select your favourite place or event from that district. Choosing the place , you can also indicate how many years you want return back in the past because you will find a lot of differences of one place in different time. Selecting the event , you will feel like that you were part of that event. You can choose the category you like . Both places and events are very charming in different way.
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4. After choosing the scene you like , it is time to make your photo. You will see the instruction bar in your left hand side.  You can take photo or attach photo form your phone gallery.
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5. You need to cut the part that you do no want it in the photo. You can use the cutting tool from the instruction bar. I would love to suggest you to use free hand cutting because your picture will be more natural.
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6. To make your photo looks as same as picture in the past , you need to put the filter to your photo. In this application , there are many colors for you to choose such as black and white or Sepia. Your picture will be very beautiful if you choose the same tone between your picture and the background. However  , it is not a problem to choose different color because your photo will be very unique in different way. Nothing is wrong in the art.
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7. Now we are in the last step. This final step is very easy . You can put the small decoration such as the name of the place in Thai language , stamp , and small frame.
Do not forget to share your photo among your friend.
Apart from getting a memorial photo of Bangkok , this application will help you get to see more about Thailand in the past.

I hope you will use this application together, and share photos among your friend to make them gain more inspiration to visit Thailand.

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