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How to protect yourself from a cheating taxi driver

This is 5 tips to fight with cheating taxi

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How to protect yourself from cheating taxi driver.

There are many complaints from tourists about cheating taxi driver in Bangkok.
These are 5 tips to protect yourself from cheating driver.

1. Make clear agreement about the fare

Many taxi drivers take advantage with tourists who come to Thailand for the first time by giving a fixed price. The drivers always refuse to use meter, they will try to convince you that it is cheaper to go with the fixed rate. Do not believe them. Just ask them to use the meter. If they still deny to use a meter, you'd better go with some other drivers. This incident always happens at the airport with the tourists who are searching the way to go to the hotel.

2. Download GPS application

GPS is the best equipment to give you accurate information about the direction in Thailand. Google Map, for example, can set the starting point and your destination. Firstly, you try to do fix your destination in the application, it will give you an information about how to get there  on the main road with the shortest way. Then, you can try to follow and see whether your driver take you in the right way. If you find something wrong such as the driver tries to take you to another road which is further, you can show the road where he is supposed to go. If the driver still denies to use the appropriate road, feel free to stop him and get down then choose the new one.
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Example of the driver's personal information plate that you need to take photo
photo credit : news.mthai.com

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