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Enjoy life and have a great dialog at Dialog Coffee and Gallery

Let us stop scrolling on the smartphones for a while and talk to other with mind-openness and attention.

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Having a Dialog
"In our society nowadays, people do talk less and less boldly and reasonably to each other. Instead of listening and understanding the differences, they mostly complaint. So, Dialogue Coffee Gallery is being created to form as a new place mainly for the discussion." One of the founder told the background of Dialogue Coffee and Gallery.
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Dialogue Coffee and Gallery is a lovely café set on Phrasumain road, near Phan Fah intersection and Wan Chart bridge. Unlike bustling Khaosan road, this adjacent area is a calm cultural street where you can find a lot of cute shops like bookstore, café and restaurants. In small alley, there hid Bangkok heritage, local villages and charming architecture you've never known before.
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I had a chance to discuss with P'Tua, one of the owner here and we've a great conversation with a good Beer Lao. He said, I wish this place to be a community where people can talk, share like its name. On the 2nd floor, there is a space for various Arts exhibitions such as drawing, water color painting, photography and installation. You can join the event or even held your own exhibition as well. On the first floor, there is a long wooden table for people to talk & join. If you'd like to have a private area, a counter or a small table would fit you. When the light shines through the cafe, it gives a warm feeling and is perfect for a meal. At 5pm onward, it provides a long table for 6-8 guests for meeting or dining with Jazz music.
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Workshop & others
Besides good arts exhibition, it offers several workshops like Community supported agriculture (organic fresh fruits & vegetables), Photo course, Scrapbook, Ikebana, Flower hand-tie boutique and etc. it also host a music performance and, occasionally, along with reading poetry. You can rent the bicycle for free to ride in bike lane in the old Bangkok city.
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Food & drink
Dialog homemade pizza is recommended for its crispy dough topped with cheese and it goes very well with red or white wine. Lamp shank with red wine is a new menu here. Another Pork Steak with Kartoffel Salad which tastes so delicious together with veggies and potato. For the dessert you probably order Honey Toast with Vanilla ice-cream or Affogato that is served with savoring Vanilla ice cream and a cup of espresso. Just pour the coffee onto the ice cream, then it's ready for the best treat.
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For arts and people who love to enjoy life, please take a visit here once as the place to hang out with friend or have party :)

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