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Top 5 Museums in Bangkok

Bangkok hosts many interesting museums around the city. Each museum exhibits Thailand’s unique heritage and wonderful culture. Here are the best historical museums in Bangkok that provide the opportunity to understand the traditions of the Thai people.

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1. National Museum

This is the best place to learn about the history of Thailand as the museum provides
archaeological items dating back to prehistoric times. The National Museum is
also the home of Thai art and artifacts from the Sukhothai, Ayutthaya and
Rattanakosin eras. There are six beautiful buildings in the museum exhibiting
various kinds of items such as gold treasures, puppets, ceramics, weapons,
traditional Thai musical instruments, Buddha images, costumes and golden
carriages for royal funerals.      

Getting There: Chao Phraya express boat to Maharaj pier or bus No. 15, 30, 32, 39, 59 and 123

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2. Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall

This modern museum showcases the history of Bangkok during the Rattanakosin dynasty. The museum uses different kinds of technology to help you experience stories of
palaces, temples, Thai architecture and Thai culture. A tour guide explains
everything in Thai (with English audio headsets available for non-Thai speakers)
and walks you through each room. There are lots of interactive media displays
to tell the story of Bangkok.  

Getting There: Bus No. 12, 45, 59, 60, 79, 157, 171, 185, 201, 503, 509 and 511

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3. The Queen’s Gallery

This is a good place to see modern Thai art. The Gallery is located opposite the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall on Ratchadamnoen Klang Road. The Queen’s Gallery was initiated at the request of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, in order to provide a permanent public
art exhibition space for Thai artists. This five-stored building is used to display works of both new and honored artists.

Getting There: Bus No. 12, 45, 59, 60, 79, 157, 171, 185, 201, 503, 509 and 511

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4. Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall

The Thai national artists from the Queen Sirikit Institute create the arts and crafts that are
part of the permanent exhibitions of this museum. There are many collections of
delicate handiworks made of gold, silver and jewels. The displays contain impressive tapestries, models of royal barges, golden thrones, royal accessories and wooden engravings.

Getting There: Bus No. 28, 108, 515 and 539

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5. Museum of Siam

The Museum of Siam is a true discovery museum. Visitors are encouraged to touch and play with the exhibitions on display. The main idea of the museum is to trace Thai
history using interactive exhibits. Through these, you can learn how Thai people developed their culture and kingdom.

Getting There: Chao Phraya express boat to Rachini pier

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