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Day Out with kids at Dusit zoo

Let's get fun at Khao Din. Every Bangkokian knows what the place is! At least 1-2 times they visited Khao Din or Dusit zoo in their childhood.

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Housed almost 1,600 domestic and international animals, Dusit Zoo, or 'Khao Din', is not just an animal park, but also an animal hospital, zoo museum and educational centre, sightseeing train, activities ground and canteen as well. With a total area of 188,800sqm, this Zoo was Thailand's first zoo and has been opened for more than 60 years. Surrounded by important landmarks such as The Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, Parliament and Chitralada Palace (King Rama IX’s official residence), Dusit zoo is set in the heart of Bangkok’s administrative centre.
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Let's get fun!

Different types animals are featured here both Thai and international creatures such as penguins, camels, wallabies, and kangaroos. Animal from African Savanna is also performed in this area. For example, giraffes, ostriches, and zebras roam, Nocturnal House, Reptile House, Pheasants Aviary, Hawks Exhibit and Elephants House. Besides, it provided a ride for children which can absolute make them laugh and giggle. Paying in small amount, you can get a chance to visit an impressive lake where you will enjoy feeding the fish and boat peddling.

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But who knows, besides the variety of animals like gibbon, barking deer, white Bengal tigers, flying lemur, hippopotamus and little anaconda, there is even an important historic place hidden here also which is the air raid shelter.
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A World War II underground shelter near the hippopotamus habitat is a good diversion for those interested in a bit of Thailand’s WW II history. In war time, the shelter was made to protect from bomb or explosive weapons. This public shelter was constructed in 1941 or the time of the great Western Asia war. It's used as the hiding place from the bombs of alliance (America & England). It can be hold for 60 people at a time. But after the war, the mock-up mountain is built upon this shelter and it had been turned into the mountain goat's cage. Until the renovation of Dusit zoo, the shelter has been developed as the learning center of the war and become one of the most complete raid shelter in Thailand.
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If you'd like to take rest and get some exciting experience in war time, come join us everyday from 8.00-18.00. The zoo is set on Rama V Road, Dusit. The fee for kids is just THB 50 and THB 100 for adults.

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