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Colorful worship at Wat Khaek, Silom

Take one day tour to a religious place that is filled with colorful decorations and an odor of Hindu Gods admiration.

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What does it look like?

It's a Honduran-style temple, variously composed of layered roof on top. With the riotous blend of rich colors and ornate decoration, it looks wonderfully beautiful and miraculous as if it has a supernatural power.
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What is it for?

Set at Silom, the bustling business area in Bangkok, Wat Khaek (Uma devi temple) or Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple remains over three century as the Primary Hindu Temple in Bangkok. There exist all the gods of hindu religion, three main God's are Ganesh (Hindu god of wisdom or prophecy) and Karthik with Uma Devi( Sri Mahamariamman). Accordingly, all Hindu festivals and celebrations are hold at this temple. It remains a popular place of worship for Silom's long-established Indian community because it's renowned for Gods' power to protect against disease and death.
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What are we doing there?

t is a respectable place where people come and worship the Hindu Gods. Originally born with Hindu, they take time to pay the respect and ask for wishes and merriness and well-being in their lives. The method of worshiping Gods is as following: first, buying the worship set for Hindu Gods which is composed of a box of milk, banana, coconut, sugar cane and flowers. As entered the door, you need to pray Ganesh First, Karthik Second and Sri Mahamariamman in Third. At the same time, give all food & item to each God. Finally present the tray to Brahman who will make a red spot on your forehead, believably, as a lucky symbol and a fortunate paper Hindu from Wat Khaek.
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What's the neighboring area?

Along the street, nearby Wat Khaek, several shops and restaurants provide many kinds of food, products and services. Not so far from this temple, there is one famous snacks and dessert shop called 'A Ma' which daily bakes various kinds of bread and makes a homemade sweet paste for dipping with cracker or soft bread.
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How to get there?

Opening everyday at 6am to 8pm, it has the crowded setting at the corner Pan and Silom Roads, Silom. you can easily reach here by taking the BTS Skytrain and stepping out at Chong Nonsi Station. Then, with the distance of 500 metres from the temple, you can chillingly walk. Take exit 3 and walk towards Silom Road. At the intersection, turn left and continue walking for another 15 minutes until you see the temple on your left.

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