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When Thai Girl Pranks Her Farang Friends with Thai Drinks!!

Besides elephant, horse, tiger, and singha that remind us about the animals, they are also very popular for alcohol drinks' brand in Thailand! Today we've also got a big surprise waiting for our Farang friends to try. Check it out!!

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After a great success of meetrip.to's last video with over 100,000 views on YouTube (Thai Snacks First time), once again our Meetrip local host, Kaow, has returned to another video and this time she's going to introduce and offer epic Thai drinks to both of her foreign friends. Who's going to stand till the last glass??? Follow us!

Thai beers only?? No way because that's too basic!!

Meetrip : Thai Local Alcohol Taste Test (Super FUN!)

1. Get Started with THAI BEERS!

1442909701 meetrip alcohol 01

Starting the challenge with several Thai beers produced by Thai company for example, Chang, Leo, Singha, and Acha

And as we all know that Thai people like to drink beer with ice due to the warm weather (as I've learned many foreigner found this like a culture shock. I know you were once like that too, don't you? lol) So this time we let them try beers with ice and it seems that they totally love it!

1442910107 meetrip alcohol 02

2. When we drink, we drink with Kab-Klam!!

1442910664 meetrip alcohol 03

Nam (Sour sausages) and nuts - all time classic food for drinks

1442911037 meetrip alcohol 04

Some people even... have insects as food for alcoholic drinks too..

3. Time for Rice Whisky!

1442911129 meetrip alcohol 05

At first both of them thought that they're going to try only beers but now we got rice whisky for them too!! Let's get drunk!!!
1442911347 meetrip alcohol 06

"Get me some Coke!" ... Ohhhhh myyyy!

4. Homemade alcoholic Drink or Ya-Dong!

1442911715 meetrip alcohol 07

Do-Mai-Ru-Lom which means erect whole night!!

For homemade alcoholic drinks or Ya-Dong, we normally drink it with pandan leaf water and sour fruits like mango or star gooseberry. It took quite some time for them to drink bottom up!
1442921113 meetrip alcohol 08

Minami-san is holding a bin real tight... NO THROW UP DUDE!!

"I'm not gonna give up! Bring 3 more shots!!"

1443513489 meetrip alcohol 09

Kaow is pouring another 3 shots for the guys.. YOU CAN DO IT!

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