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Tips for Traveling with Babies and Children

Traveling with your family can be a blessing, but at times bringing your kids presents a challenge, and some parents often feel stressed rather than relaxed. These following tips make up a helpful guide that will allow for a successful and relaxed trip.

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Family trips provide a great opportunity to bond and enjoy a break from the daily family routine. It is also a good way to introduce your children to different cultures, and prepare them for a world that is more globalized than ever. However, traveling with kids can be a challenge, and some
parents can often feel stressed rather than relaxed. These following tips make up a helpful guide
that will allow you and your children to enjoy a holiday vacation in Thailand. 

#1: Take a Direct Flight

Traveling with your family can certainly be expensive. Although you may be tempted to take flights that have one or two stops in order to save money, it is just not worth it. Sure, if you are traveling with other adults it might be a good option, but when traveling with children you might want to
reconsider. Flights that are not on a direct route take longer, and children are more prone to getting tired. This might cause a tantrum or two, especially when combined with Thailand’s heat. Although you will save money, your experience as a family will pay for it. 

#2: Relax Your First Day

Whether you end up choosing to take a direct flight or not, your first full day in Thailand should be relaxing. This will give you and your children time to adjust to the time change, the climate, and the new  environment. Do not plan any big activity this day, as everyone will need the rest necessary for the upcoming adventures.

#3: Engage in Activities

Children enjoy doing things that are hands-on activities, and when it comes to keeping children entertained this is the number one thing to consider. Kids also enjoy a variety of activities, in order to prevent them from boredom and repetition. Another good idea is to plan activities that
everyone will enjoy. Some examples of family activities include hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, elephant camps, Muay Thai lessons, cooking classes, and tours of temples.

Something to consider is to only have one big activity per day, and preferably in the morning. This way the kids can be fresh and relaxed. Additionally, it is generally cooler in the morning, which will make your child less prone to breakdown or weariness from the heat. There are plenty of
activities waiting for you and your family, so do some research while you plan for your trip.

#4: Listen to Your Children’s Stomachs

Thailand has an amazing and delicious cuisine, which has been considered as being some of the world’s greatest food. However, it takes a special type of palate to appreciate the many wonderful flavors and colors that are mixed together. Your children might be unaccustomed to the flavors, and even the presentation of the food itself. Luckily enough Thailand provides many kinds of restaurants with cuisines from other countries and cultures, such as Italian, Japanese, Italian, American, and Mexican. Even if your child refuses to eat the Thai food, there are other cuisines readily available for your child to eat. Another idea might be to visit the nearest McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, KFC, or any other fast food chain your child is likely to recognize and

Another good idea is to carry around a few snacks, which can be bought at one of the numerous 7-11 joints, or Family Mart’s. In case your child’s stomach starts to grumble a few hours before dinnertime you will be prepared with the almighty snacks!

Lastly, be wary of street vendors. If you do not feel comfortable with the food being sold, or do not see others buying food from that joint then do not buy it. Children have sensitive stomachs’ and you do not want to be dealing with a case of food poisoning, or an irritated stomach that
constantly has to make a trip to the toilet.  

#5: Stay Hydrated

It is important to always carry around a bottle of water. Although Thailand has three seasons, it is typically always warm. The summer season, and the rainy season at times, can reach very high temperatures. During these seasons the constant sweating can put your body out of those essential nutrients that keep you moving forward. Dehydration can lead to tiredness, headaches, and even tantrums. 

#6: Stay Cool

Although Thailand is very hot, one can usually find locations that have an A/C. It is perfectly fine to take advantage of the A/C from time to time. A quick trip to a 7-11 store, the art center, or a mall certainly does the trick.

#7: Know About Family-Friendly Locations

While planning your trip it is important to research family-friendly locations. Although Thailand is generally family-friendly as it is a family oriented society. Visitors will still find certain areas that
are more suited for adults, especially when the sun goes to sleep. Visitors may not want to expose children to the nightlife, even if Thailand is generally safe. 

#8: Educate Your Child Before Traveling

Something that can certainly heighten the experience of your child is pre-exposure to the country before arriving. The way you can expose your child to the country is by talking about the culture, weather, native animals, ocean, etc. It may also be a good idea to show them pictures of the
landscape they might see, which will allow them to mentally prepare themselves. All of this will also help them understand their experience and process it in a better way once they have arrived. 

#9: Have all of Your Baby’s Needs

Although most baby essentials are readily available across the country it is important to be prepared with the items that are most important, or those that your baby are most inflexible about. It is best to carry brands that your baby is fussy about, as well anything that will help with specific allergies, or any other requirements. 

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