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Clean food delivery from best 10 organic restaurants (2)

We are continuing with organic full course and meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 6 best healthy food deliveries.

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1. Khao-Klong Baan Plai Fun
Just for delivery, this homemade restaurant has a great concept of making a lunchbox by using low-calorie protein such as chicken breast, fish, boiled egg and cooking with only water, less-sodium seasonings and without MSG. Each dish costs 70 Baht and the delivery amount is at least 6 dishes, then the price will discount to 400 Baht. If you follow their Facebook page, you'd see their specials like "crunchy fried egg with acacia plus Tuna chili paste & berries rice" or "fried noodle with chicken in tomato sauce". Here provides FREE delivery for the area of Chock Chai 4, Ladprao.

For delivery please contact
Tel : 084-618-8378
Line : ctmpp
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2. Fit food always
This is another service for better health! All dishes are cooked freshly everyday in Healthy Hybrids style by professional chef. So, be sure that you'll get the best choice from FitFoodAlways' menu. Without chemical and toxin contamination, rice is from organic rice field which is deliberately taken care in every process from growing, harvesting to packing. Menus are different and changed every week, so you can try a new savour. It specially offers healthy eating course for you every morning. In every morning, you'd get Eat-Fit-Fin-Food with custom-made details like BMI (Body Mass Index).

For delivery please contact
Tel : 086-359-3795
LINE : Fit Food Always
IG : fitfoodalways
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3. Everyday.meals
For anyone who loves organic food, just try everyday-meals and then you'd fall in love with it. There are varied selection of food and dessert. The advantage of ordering here is that the restaurant will limit the proper size and portion of food for diet, healthy person who would love to lose weight. Every box provides clear calorie label and contains of quality ingredients and low-sodium for clean food. More important point is that it cares a lot about the pertaining in hygiene. The price is friendly and you can order for delivery also.

For delivery please contact
Tel : 091-776-0456 
Line, IG and FB : Everyday.meals
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4. Clean concept @U-center
Placed at the heart of Bangkok near Samyan subway, the restaurant offers both sitting place and take-home. The unique is the soft and aromatic berries rice that gives the homy feeling. Also, the hormone-free animals are naturally fed, so meats are selected from the low-fat parts and generate good fat. There are more than 50 menus both course and A la carte and the price starts from 69 Baht only. The restaurant is pleased to help with arrange with your food and health. In addition, it serves snack box organic for the day such as mangosteen juice, fresh fruits organic pudding, waffle low fat with imported fruits or chia seeds yoghurt.

For delivery please contact
LineID: Cleanconcept
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5. Cafe de Ysoya
Low-priced vegan food from good-quality ingredients like pure oil and fructose sugar are offered here. Every meal contains no monosodium glutamate and preservative. It fits for everyone; diet person, teenager, adult and aged. The recommended dishes are "Lasagna" which is made of soybean cheese and "Roasted spicy pork with cheese and sweet chili" from organic protein.

For delivery please contact
Tel : 029088585, 029982017, 0957354584

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