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Bangkok City City Gallery

Doubtfully, the name may not ring the bell but this is the newest and the latest chic gallery in Bangkok located at Sathon soi 1.

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Architecture & Design

It is a big white building contrasting with bright blue sky and surrounded by greenish trees. Bangkok city city gallery is mainly separated into 2 sections. On the right side is the main hall and another is a cafe & souvenir shop. Although it seems too tiny, the arts inside are valuable and are praised as the soul's property. Being an art gallery, it requires collaboration from artists, people's participation and supports.
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As entranced the giant hidden door on your right, you'll find the proper clean room with a welcomed officer who will take care of your belongings before appreciating the arts. The empty space allows our minds to relax and get new ideas or some kinds of creative thoughts. The white color in this spacious room are blank to be fulfilled with our imaginations. With suitable light for art venue and coolness from central air condition, you'll feel at ease and simply think about your own life or routine. The things you will hear except your thought are just the silence & the sound of feet stepping in the room which generate the approach to perceive art-piece.
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Wisut Ponnimit is the first artist performing his work at this gallery. He named this work 'Melo House' and Mamuang is the main character who shares loveliness and cheerfulness in his story. You'd also meet her friends like 'Manao' (a cute dog who always companies her everywhere), a cat, a rat and her puppy love. Although he drew, painted and put them in wooden frames, he can bring all characters into lives! The story is being told as a romantic one but since the artist created the alternative ways with its 'maze' concept. There are varied exits for people to choose themselves which way to go. At the end they might find the desirable exit or unpleasant way out. It is all depends on you. How fun it is!
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No hurry, after finding the way out from Mamuang maze in the main hall, you can take a break at the cafe offering special Mamuang & Manao ice-cream in specific shapes. Additional, the collection of Mamuang outfits are also provided for this event only such as sweater, long-sleeve and maxi shirt pants printed with Mamuang. Also, there'd be coffee providing here soon. Don't worry, the restrooms are at the back of this gallery.
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Available parking

If you drive here, there is a free parking for 2 hours at 123 parking which is set next to the gallery. Easier, you can step out at MRT Lumpini and walk just 8 minutes or simply take a cab. Bangkok City City Gallery opens on Wed - Sun from 14.00 - 20.00.

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