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One day transit in Bangkok, What Can I Do?

Have some times during your connecting flight? Why waiting at the airport or staying at the hotel? These are different places that transit travelers in Bangkok can visit.

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"My flight is leaving from Bangkok tomorrow, and I'd like to do a small survey in Bangkok" said Vietnamese traveller whose flight is going to Moscow on the next day.

Bangkok is a hub in South-East Asia for transit passengers around the world to make a connecting flight. Most of them don't want to just stay in a hotel but, at least, roamimg around the city to see Thai lifestyle, but the problem is the flight time. Nobody ever wanted to travel and miss their flight for sure and that'd be a totally nightmare! This problem will not happen again if you follow my one day trip plan here. 
 Culturul trip

If you're mainly interested in Thai culture, I would love to suggest you to visit these 3 places which are Grand Palace , Wat Pho ,and Wat Ratchanatdaram. All of them are in the same area and you can cover these three places by walking (with luggage might not be so convenient so better keep in your belongings at the airport or hotel.)
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Wat Phra Keaw
photo credit : kotchawong1127.wordpress.com

Grand Place imitated from Ayutthaya palaces is a must to see in Bangkok. It shows how brilliant of Thai craftmans 235 years ago. Grand Palace was a King resident , Royal court ,and administrative place in the past. Nowadays, it is a significant landmark in Bangkok. Once you step inside, you surely feel the grandness of the place. On the wall, there is a dazzling mural painting about Ramayana epic all along the walkway surrounded the temple. Moreover, you will see a lot of statues especially the giant guarding the entrance which is the most popular photo shooting spot of travelers. Inside the grand palace, there is an important temple of Thailand which is called Wat Phra Keaw. There is the Emerald Buddha which is a jade statue in meditating position regarding as the most important Buddha statue in Thailand. Every seasons the King will send the representative to change the emerald Buddha's clothes
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Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho
photo credit : planetden.com

Another place is Wat Pho ( Reclining Buddha Temple )  Wat Pho was established in the reign of King Rama the first. The stunning statue that will capture your eyes before going inside monastery  are two giants statue. Most travelers even said they feel like these statues smile to them! The highlight of Wat Pho is the  golden reclining Buddha which is the third biggest Buddha statue in Thailand. The length of the Buddha is 42 meter. Spectacularly, on his feet you can see a very beautiful painting telling the Buddhism story. After walking around , you can enjoy Thai traditonal message. Wat Pho is the original place for Thai message. You will surely feel very relaxed there.
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Loha Prasat Temple
photo credit : content.time.com

The last place for cutural trip is Wat Ratchanatdaram. I highly recommend this place because there is a black  metal castle called Loha Prasat which  really looks different from other temples in Thailand. This is the third metal castle in the world (the others two are located in India), and it is the only one in Thailand. This castle has 3 floors, so you can go to the top and see an amazing view around Rattanakosin Island. 
You may not get an insight detail about Thai culture, but at least you get to see a bit of beautiful cultural places. Howver, if you would like a local friend to take you around, check out this site at  http://meetrip.to/bangkok/tours/6751-temple-tour-around-old-town-of-bangkok and let the them take you around Bangkok! 

Museum trip

If you are the one having a passion in museum and with only one day in Bangkok, I would love to recommend you to visit three different kinds of museum which is accessible by BTS sky train; for example, Jim Thomson museum , Madame Tussauds , and Siam ocean world. You can enjoy seeing archaeological remains , world famous people statue , and marine biology life.
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Jim Thomson house in Bangkok
photo credit : worldstotrek.wordpress.com

You may start with the one in distance which is Jim Thomson museum. Coming here is very easy by just getting off at National Stadium station, then go to soi Kasemsan at exit 1. Jim thomson house is located on your left hand. Plus, there is a golf cart service in front of Soi Kasemsan so it's very convenient to get there. Here you can see many remaining archeological elements showing Thai traditional way of life like silk, Benjarong (a kind of  five-color-painted porcelain in Thailand). You cannot miss the highlight which is 100  pieces of Buddha story painting. Jim Thomson house provides a lot of foreign language guides and also you can join a trip with the local host at http://meetrip.to/ bangkok/tours/6366-unforgettable-1-day-trip-at-wat-pho-and-jim-thompson-s-house.
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Madame Tussauds in Bangkok
photo credit : www.marketingoops.com

Let's switch your emotion from Thai culture to meet a lot of celebrities from around the world. Madame Tussauds own a very long history for 200 years , until we can say that this is  legend of wax statue museum. Here you can enjoy taking photos with 70 world and Thai celebrities such as Mao Zedong , Princess Diana, Dalai Lama etc. To access this museum , you can get off at Siam station then walk to Siam Discovery Department Store. Madame Tussauds Museum is on 6th floor. You can book the ticket online in the website http://www.madametussauds.com/bangkok.
1442759227 siam ocean world

Siam ocean world tunnel
photo credit : www.makemytrip.com

After seeing lifeless things all day  long , you can wonderfully end  your trip by visiting Siam Ocean World which is just a few steps away from Siam Discovery to Siam Paragon. There you can see a vivid sea life animal and while walking through the ocean tunnel, you will feel like walking in the bottom of the ocean. The ticket is available in this website
http://sealifebangkok.com/tickets so check it out or ask the local host to guide you there at http://meetrip.to/bangkok/tours/6647-photographer-for-you-at-madame-tussauds-bangkok

Shopping Time!

"Shopping!" this word is always most attractive words for all girls.  Bangkok is a big hub in South-East Asia for shopping. You can find many kinds of product in various price and there comes the good chance for you to shopping for the souvenirs! Now "where can I buy souvenirs ?" Do not worry about the place. There is a big shopping mall alongside the BTS station named as MBK Department Store where you can find everything. You will be able to find product from low to high price. There are many souvenirs available here such as Thai shirt, key chain, Thai silk, Thai perfume etc. Also, you have problem with your technology devices, you can find the shop to fix it as well.
This is just the example places for a short trip in Thailand. Anyway, we hope next time you can spend more time here as a long holiday, not only a short time waiting for a connecting flight! 

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