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Wat Sai Floating Market

Bangkok, Thailand was once regarded as the Venice of Asia due to its many canals and rivers. The Wat Sai Floating Market offers visitors the chance to take a boat trip along the canal and order traditional food, fresh produce, and catfish.

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Bangkok, Thailand was once regarded as the Venice of Asia, due to its many canals and rivers. Due to the geographical set up of the country, Thai people sold fresh produce, fish, and pre-made food on their boats, as they rowed along the canal selling and trading their goods. The Wat Sai Floating Market was known as being the center of trading activities, regarding the boats, and was located on the outskirts of Bangkok. In older times, the floating market was definitely a thriving center for locals and a popular attraction, until the construction of new roads and urbanization caused the abandonment of the site. However, its long standing tradition and its loyal people revived the market, offering visitors the chance to take a boat trip along the canal and order traditional food from boats once again.

Numerous floating markets can be found within Bangkok, but this specific one has recently been attracting many tourists. Due to the city’s urbanization it can be difficult to find a
genuine experience that includes the Thai peoples’ cultural way of living. Luckily enough the Wat Sai Floating Market is set in a location that require no hassle. Although it is a bit less familiar to tourists, it is easy accessible and visitors are less likely to see a lot of foreigners in the area. The floating market is only about 10km from Bangkok’s epicenter, making this trip be done in less than a day! This market is a great way to experience a local Thai lifestyle, while enjoying the variety of fruits, plants, and catfish at affordable prices.

This market is appreciated due to the red stand stone Buddah images in different postures, which were also built during the Ayutthaya period. Other nearby attractions and activities that might arise curiosity within visitors include checking out a visit to Tamnak Thong, the old Ho Klong, or the bank of Khlong Dan. These sites include a drum tower with the architecture of the Ayutthaya period, a Chinese styled temple that belonged to King Rama III, mural paintings depicting the Chinese tale of Sam Kok, a snake-catching show at a snake farm, and more.

Visitors should know that this market will open during the early hours of the weekend, from 5:00 to 11:00 in the morning. The markets’ precise location lies on Ekachai Road, in the district of Chomthong, Thonburi. To reach the market it is possible to travel via boat, the BTS Skytrain, bus, and by car.

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