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New Experience with Siriraj Medical Museum

Take a look into the workings of Thai historical medicine and health.

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Siriraj Hospital musuem

A plethora of different museums set in the grounds of a bustling and fully operational Hospital and Medical School. You can circumnavigate the frisson of doctors and deliveries to marvel at the splendid history of this Kingdom’s medical and royally appointed advancements in the fields of medicine, both Thai and western.

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A classic scene from Bangkok history.

Let us start with Bimuksthan Museum next to the river. A splendid newly refurbished building replicating the train station it replaces, the lobby welcomes you, as does the friendly staff, all well versed in English and well mannered. You can grab a free set of headphones for an audio guide and wander round at your own pace. Many chambers with long names will amaze you, full of artifacts and historical information you will not go uninformed. From Royal war weapons and funerals to murals and real life archeological finds, an hour or more will whisk by in the airy and comfortable setting. Bangkok Noi and the ancient boat are particularly super.

Then outside and over a road, a whistling man will point the way to the Medical Museum. Two areas house the Forensic, Parasitical and Pathological chambers. Prepare yourself for what is coming, a big breakfast might work against you, so be sure to Man-Up.

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Cabinets of dooom. Doooooooom.

The Pathological museum lays bare the time scale of developments in cancer and heart diseases. Specimens to rile your breakfast include dissected and deformed babies in jars, and multimedia displays on treatments and techniques. There is no amount of trendy lighting that can hide the gross factor. Fun yes, nice no.

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Not sure what this guy is so happy about, but hey the land of smiles i guess.

The forensic room illustrates the development of the industry, including autopsies, investigations on the Tsunami disaster in 2004 and the corpse of an infamous murderer who ate his child victim’s livers. See above about breakfasts. A murder case showing an autopsy, organs and injuries, plus the investigation into the event will move you too the Parasitology museum. New words will fill your head and so will the paranoia as to what exactly is on your hands right there. Displayed are things like, round worms, flat worms, flukes, insects that ruin people’s day and killer animals. This leads on to the effects to the human, in stark visibility you can see organs and models of infected everything. Fair to say you will wash your hands and look closely at your lunch after you leave.

Enjoy on an empty stomach is preferable.

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