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LaLai Sap Market - A popular local Thai market street in Silom

“LaLai Sap” literally means vanishing the money in Thai. Because by just walking down this market, passing the endless food stalls and lots of boutique shops, it is really hard not to spend money!

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Silom road, one of the most famous business roads in Thailand, there situated a popular local market street on Silom Street soi 5. This street is always crowded with office workers,
especially during lunchtime. The market is filled with tiny stalls and sidewalk vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables, foods, clothing, decorations and knick-knacks. While walking down on this street passed by endless eating options and lots of boutique shops, it is hard to not spend money. That’s why Thai people named this market as “LaLai Sap” which
literally means vanishing money. 

Since LaLai sap market is located in business area, the products sold in this market are
mostly for female
office workersYou will find dozens of shops selling office dresses,
tops, shoes, handbags and accessories at reasonable prices.

Furthermore, it can be considered as a good place for you to find quick and cheap midday meals. This market has a variety of food as well as drinks. You can walk around and grab some food and have a seat in food court areas where several food vendors get together and offer a multitude of Thai classic dishes such as noodles and som tam (Papaya salad). I have listed below some of the popular food vendors for all you foodies who want to try out a wide range of Thai foods. 

1. Fried fish cakes - It is a Thai  fish cake deep fried, served with a fresh cucumber and sweet chili sauce. The shop located at about 100 meters from Silom Road.

2. Ponmaree bakery – recommended menu is Banana Cake

3. Thai dumpling – This shop was published in The Nation newspaper and you will see the article in front of the shop

4. Mung bean rice-crepe in front of Banana Square. It is a traditional  Thai dessert made from mung bean, Glutinous rice flour and coconut.

Moreover, there are lots of mobile carts offering fresh fruit and small coffee shop along the pathway. Sliced fruit and Thai milk tea can be perfect complement to a hot day.
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LaLai Sap market located on Silom soi 5 road, near the junction of Silom and Naradhiwas roads. The easiest way to get there is by taking BTS to either Sala Daeng station or Chongnonsri station. From Sala Daeng BTS station, head west on Silom for about a half kilometre and take a left down the side street next to Bangkok Bank Head Office. From Chong Nonsri station, take exit 4, then walk straight and take the first right down the alley at Top Charoen Optical. It starts just before noon and finishes about 2 p.m., so this market is perfect for lunch-time shopping break. Let's visit local markets, as you can get a real sense of the food and how local people live.

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