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Klong Lat Mayom, the authentic local floating market in Bangkok

Don't be surprised if you are one of few foreigners visiting Klong Lat Mayom! Because here is the real local floating market.

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This market is the foodie paradise of both Thais and foreigners but few knows it does exist. Sit at Talingchan district; it can be reached by private car or taxi. To give some advice, taking taxi from BTS Bangwa (the last BTS station of Silom line) is the easiest way if you live
in the city.

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The market photo from oceanlinktravel.vn

Set on both side of the streets, the market is mainly divided into 2 sections; along the canal and inside zone. The first side consists of variation of food; local dishes, dessert, fresh fruits and vegetables as well. You can sit on the wooden stool ordering food like Pad Thai (stir-fried noodle), Hoi Tod (oyster omelet) or Kanom Jeen (cold rice vermicelli) from the floating boat anchored and eating on the low table shared with others. Optionally, you can order the take-home food if you prefer to eat at home. Salad vegetable like green oak, red oak and cross can be easily found with its freshness and organic process. Here is a wealth of local ingredients from the vendors' farms and gardens.

For seafood lover, they will fall in love with another zone which is full of grilled big shrimps, fresh squids, gigantic oysters, bright orange crabs and more of fruits from the sea! You will see the fishes lined up on the long charcoal brazier, sending a savory smell. In Thai style, after it's perfectly grilled, the cook will put it on the banana leaf, the eco-friendly and disposable food serving system, for its pleasant display and also to add the aroma to the food.

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Fruits from the sea

Only on weekend, the market is open and you'll have chance to learn how they live with river by taking a paddle boat for 20 Baht but if you are not familiar you can just walk along the canal buying some gifts from souvenir shops.

Alike Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa floating market near Bangkok, it's also crowded and you may feel jam-packed at the prime time, starting from about 10am to 2pm. Then if you don't want to fight over the tasty food with tons of people and would like to walk around and eat more calmly, I recommend you come here earlier at 9am when the stalls are setting. So you'll have time to relax and have a great meal on your holiday.

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Fresh fruits & veggies

Known as the wealthy land of food, root of Thai is shown out from this pattern of living which is somehow preserved as the previous life along the river. It explains how we live, think and become, a cycle of lives. People are trading and living together with intimacy which generates the strong bounding to the sustainable community. So let's see and let's be a part of Klong Lat Mayom society.
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Floating boat full of fresh vegetables from the owner's garden

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