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Chinatown! Food Heaven On Earth

What do you think of Chinatown in Bangkok? For me, I think “FOOD” is the best word to describe the place because every inches of its space are packed by varied local food stalls which better explain how typical food street are.

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You can see mostly are located on the pavement with roughly placing iron tables and chairs. Some stalls have only chairs for sitting (no table) and people agree to sit like that. Some have to order the meal by shouting and sitting near sooty outdoor kitchen. These all are perhaps a bit weird for whoever never tried this style of food before. But believe me that sometimes food can also be liked an adventure. You explore it; you get a treasure back!

Along this 1km road from the giant Chinese gate which called royal jubilee gate to Ong Ang canal which marks the outer boundaries of the royal district you will see a lot of food stalls line up on both banks of the road. To have all the food there, one night is too short. So list these five dishes on your plan. It is worth for you stuff them into your stomach.

Fishball - Chinatown always ranks in No.1 for best fishball.
Not only made from fresh fish meat without adding flour, but also other great
ingredients. When you eat, you will feel how bouncy it is. And because of long
period selling fishball, Yaowarat become a trade mark for selling quality
fishball. For hunting fishball in this road, I suggest Naihui fishball noodle
on Isalanupab alley (8 am- 4 pm) and Jit fishball noodle near Isalanupab alley

Kuay Jab noodle - One of Yaowarat road all-time
favorite is Kuay Jab noodle which made of rolled rice noodles with crispy pork,
sometime intestines served in peppery soup. The secret recipe is the nice
peppery tasty soup that make someone shout out it is the best Kuay Jab they
have ever eaten. The best two stalls are Kuay Jab nai lek auan at Yaowarat 11
alley (6 pm-12 am) and Auan Pochana at Chinatown Rama Cinema (24 hr.)

Seafood in China town is different because the varieties of fresh seafood and source to cooking. You can have steamed, deep-fried, barbecued, grilled, boiled or soup with many special sauces they provide. The famous one is T & K Seafood (4.30 pm-2 am) in front of Padung Daw alley.
Kuay Taew Kua Kai, Rad naa, Hoy
Tod - Even the
weather is hot and these 3 menus perhaps make you feel hotter, you should try
these famous fried dish. First is fried noodle with chicken (Kuay Taew Kua
Kai), second is fried noodle with seafood gravy (Rad Na Ta Lai), and the last
one is fried oysters with egg (Hoy Tod).Preventing from long queue, you better
reach early a bit especially for Krua Porn Lamai on Plaeng Nam alley (6pm -
2am) which served fried noodle with iron plate that make them more delicious. One
more is Kua Teaw Kua kai on yaowarat 6 alley (6pm-12am) which is the best fried
noodle with chicken ever.


Refresh yourself with many kind of desserts liked sweetened bird nest, gingko with coconut milk, dumplings in coconut cream, black jelly in syrup, Tao Hauy (mixing sweetened fruit) etc. These all will make you happily walk back to hotel

How to get there

best way to get Yaowarat road is taking MRT underground to Hua Lum Pong
station and take taxi or bus no. 7,40, 529,542 around 900 metres. Or
else you can tuk tuk to there as well.

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