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I'm JESSICA, 20-year-old, a Saigonese born and raised in Ho Chi Minh city. I love my beautiful city. I have spent much time travelling around Vietnam after graduating from high school. Now it is time for a break from travelling and it is time to show NICE AND FRIENDLY tourists like you my LOVELY VIETNAM.

And the most important thing is that I am good at riding a motorcycle, bargaining and English. I mean besides walking tours and private car tours, I also operate motorcycle tours :). And besides showing you around Ho Chi Minh like other normal guides, I can also help you BARGAIN and can also be your TRANSLATOR.

My slogan is "NO TOURS IS IMPOSSIBLE". I ensure that based on your interests, I will create the best unique and friendly tour for you, my dear customers. I ensure that all of my tours always meet all of tourists' INTERESTS.

And once again, I am Jessica. Feel free to contact me anytime.

"The WORLD is a book
Those who do not TRAVEL
read only one page"

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Hi. I am danny from America. I am going to saigon on march 10. Can you show me saigon? My zalo ID is gomer007. Please send me message


Mai was damn good... My friend and me went to her place, she was all the time there, taking us round... She is so kind and generous.... Will come again, it's a beautiful city....

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