Let's have some fun in Saigon ^^! 1
Let's have some fun in Saigon ^^! 2
Let's have some fun in Saigon ^^! 3
Let's have some fun in Saigon ^^! 4
Let's have some fun in Saigon ^^! 5
Let's have some fun in Saigon ^^! 6
Let's have some fun in Saigon ^^! 7
Let's have some fun in Saigon ^^! 8
Let's have some fun in Saigon ^^! 9

Let's have some fun in Saigon ^^!

Map-pin-grey Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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First time to Saigon? Don't know where to visit and what interesting things to do?

Don't worry. I am here to make sure you enjoy the time in Saigon to the fullest.
Here are the activities we are going to take:

-First, we will go around the center of Saigon and visit all the famous places including Notre Dame Cathedral and the Central Post Office which were of the construction of French colonist existing till today, the Reunification Palace, the used-to-be home and workplace of the president of South Vietnam in Vietnam war.

- After that, we will go to Ben Thanh Market, one of the symbols of Saigon. If you are interested in Vietnamese cuisine, then you are at the right place. You will have a chance to taste all kinds of food from Northern, Central to Southern Vietnam. I hope your stomach is large enough to eat all :p You can also buy souvenirs here and i will make a bargain on your behalf if you want to :d

- Then we will take a long road on motorcycle around the city to see the beauty of Saigon when night falls. We can stop by anywhere you want to have a quick visit. In addition, we will enjoy some of the street food along the road.

- Lastly, we will drive back to the center of HCMC and have a cup of coffee in a park. In Vietnamese we say "coffee bệt". Wonder why? It is a tradition of young Saigon-er gathering together to have a cup of coffee and have a chat with each other. Try being a Saigon-er, sounds interesting huh :D

Payment for the cuisine at Ben Thanh Market,ticket to the Reunification Palace, and souvenirs are excluded from the fee charged. I am sorry :( All other charges are included.

Means of transport will be my motorbike for free. Please notify me in advance if you bring friends along so that i can arrange my buddies to drive your friends.

The meeting point will be set up later for your convenience.
Hope to see you soon ^^!

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Huyen is an awesome tour guide. She is very knowledgable of Saigon, and knows lots of different places, so whatever type of thing you are looking to see, I am sure she will be able to plan something special for you. She speaks excellent English and taking a tour with her will make your stay in Ho Chi Minh City all the memorable.


We had a wonderful experience with Huyen and her friend as our tour guides. In spite of my poor english, they were very friendly and kindly. They took us to some places by their motorbike and we felt very exciting. They were very friendly. We went to a restaurant of Vietnamese traditional foods were we ate various dishes with a hand. I soaked it in salty-sweet sauce and was very delicious.
After that we went to the park of the scenery such as Mekong Delta. I felt the atmosphere that was cool and comfortable at there, and then I calmed down very much.
Last place was a market. There was a complete contrast to the above-mentioned park and very lively. I was able to feel the life of local people at there. The juice of the sugar cane was delicious too.
Thanks again for this really fun activity. If we have any free time, we want to ask you to guide again.


We had a wonderful experience with Huyen and her brother as our tour guides. She took us on our first motor bike ride and I felt completely save. Huyen's English is very good so communicating was easy. She is very knowledgeable, friendly and fun to be with. We went to a coffee place were I had my first famous Vietnamese cup of coffee. After that we went to the Reunification Palace, the church and the bridge over the Saigon river which presented a wonderful view. For dinner, Huyen took us to this wonderful seafood restaurant where she picked delicious dishes for us to try. Without the help of Huyen and her brother this experience would have been impossible. I can whole hardheartedly recommend Huyen. Thanks again for this fun introduction to Vietnam.

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: US$25 / Person
: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
: 4 hours

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About LocalHost

My name is Huyen. I was born and raised in HCMC. I love travelling and meeting new people alot. That's why i'm here. Come join me and i'll show you what the real Saigon is :D

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