Go to Cho Ben Thanh Market!
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Cho Ben Thanh where you must visit and get something to your country - cover photo
JUN 2013

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About my Ho Chi Minh City travel:
  • I want to go to Cho Ben Thanh Market!
  • I want to shopping
Img_20140416_114534 Tâm (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi Suhaira,Ben Thanh Market is the famous market where you can buy everything you want like Handicraft, Souvenirs, Foods, Coffee, ..ect
About shopping, you can go to shopping malls (Vincom A, Diamond Plaza, Crescent Mall,..) or market( Russian Market, Tan Dinh Market, etc.)
If you need a local guide, just ask me :)

10527713_316983871797396_4626667200573888587_n Jessica (Ho Chi Minh City)


Shopping is always on the top of my list :). What kind of stuff do u like to buy? Tell me and i will show you around from high-class places to antique ones :). There are many other markets: ChoLon, Hanh Thong Tay,...

If you need more information, text me :)

Dsc00154 Tam (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi there,

Let's take a look my activities and please fell free to ask me anything which you are interested in.



Dsc_1142_copy Thien (Ho Chi Minh City)

There are many shopping malls in the center of Ho Chi Minh city but it's not the place where locals go shopping. If you want to buy clothes, I suggest Nguyễn Trải street. If you want to buy souvenirs, go to Đồng Khởi street or Lê Lợi street.

When you buy stuffs in Cho Ben Thanh market, be tough and bargain is a must-do!

Take care!

Stringio Kei (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi Suhaira,
Ben Thanh market is better for a sightseeing, not for shopping, beccause it's quite expensive. We have some market, it's small but it's cheap. I think it's better for shopping. Depend on the thing you wanna buy, your favorite and your choice, I can take you to somewhere suitable for you...
Have a good trip, Suhaira!

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