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Bookonline_bwNot decided when to visit
  • I want to know the best places to visit in Ho Chi Minh City!
  • I want to Night life

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    Ju (Ho Chi Minh City)

    Hey ipgiri . That's a lot of bars or pubs in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, and especially in District 1. You can check the out at here: http://www.foody.vn/ho-chi-minh/bar-pub
    And I think it will be a night life of you. I think you should visit to Bui Vien Street in District 1. It is a place of nightlife, delicious local food and special is " drink cheap ".
    Or you can enjoy the attractions of the city. Through this:
    Any question , text me through inbox .

    Thien (Ho Chi Minh City)

    Greetings from Ho Chi Minh city :)

    Night life in Ho Chi Minh is very interesting. Not only pubs, bar or clubs but there are also many fun places to hang around. Think global, drink local!

    Feel free to ask me anythings. ;)

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