Dave’s Ho Chi Minh City Trip

MAY 2013

Help Dave with travel ideas

About my Ho Chi Minh City travel:
  • I want to know the best places to visit in Ho Chi Minh City!
  • I want to look for a local guide
Img_20140416_114534 Tâm (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi Dave. I would love being your guide :). Finding local guide's the best way to explore HCMC. Local guide know all the hidden spots in HCMC.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon :)

Hi Tam. I will be s hcmc on 30th may till 2nd june. What do u suggest?

10527713_316983871797396_4626667200573888587_n Jessica (Ho Chi Minh City)

U should go to the heart of district 1 first. That areaincludes Duc Ba Cathedral, Department stores,antique post office :)). Or u should stop by Ben Thanh market first, one of the oldest market in HCMC. Ah u can get fantasitc food out of ur mind haha. If u like u can enjoy a beautiful night on boat. HCMC is full of fantastic things haha

Any suggestion for hotel? My friend recommend me either Lux or Blessing 1.

Img_20140416_114534 Tâm (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi Dave ^^. Can you inbox me in Meetrip and we can talk more about your trip.

You can check this page. It will show you the things to do in VietNam and some useful informations for your trip

Or this one https://meetrip.to/hochiminhcity/places
Thank so much ^^

You should stay in the holtel in district 1. It's near some famous places that you're going to visit.

This is the hotel that my old visitor used to stay in. I think it's good ^^. It's in district 1 and in Pham Ngu Lao street

Img_20140416_114534 Tâm (Ho Chi Minh City)

Check some useful informations here


Thank so much ^^

Dsc_1142_copy Thien (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi Dave,

If you need a local tour guide, feel free to contact me :)

Dsc_1142_copy Thien (Ho Chi Minh City)

There are many many hotels in the center of Ho Chi Minh city, it is also convenient for you to travel around the hot spots in the city. What kind of hotels you want to stay?

I suggest Phạm Ngũ Lão street, district 1. There are many hotels and hostels on Phạm Ngũ Lão street.

Or Nguyễn Huệ street, I suggest "Palace":
Or Đồng khởi street, I suggest "Catina"

Dsc_1142_copy Thien (Ho Chi Minh City)

sorry Dave! My mistake, here is the website of Catina hotel: http://www.hotelcatina.com.vn/

10527713_316983871797396_4626667200573888587_n Jessica (Ho Chi Minh City)

Im not sure what u're looking for in a hotel. If u let me know ur standard, i'll find for u :))

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