Hideyuki’s Ho Chi Minh City Trip

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  • I want to go to Cho Ben Thanh Market!
  • I want to make friends

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    Tam (Ho Chi Minh City)

    Hi Hidayuki,

    It's lovely to hear that you are considering to get Ho chi minh city. Please feel free to ask me anything about Ho chi minh city.



    Thien (Ho Chi Minh City)

    Hello, :)

    You are always welcome to Ho Chi Minh city. Meetrip is all about making more friends from all over the world and enjoying the city tour with locals.

    Just feel free to contact me! ;)
    All the best.

    An (Ho Chi Minh City)

    Hello Hideyuki . My name is An . I have just checked out your pages , and knew that you studied (or worked ? ) in Hồng Bàng International University . It is so suprising because that was my university . Plus , I'd love to learn about different culture so that I also want to make friend with foreigners . I think we have something in common . That is so exciting . Please think about your plan to HCM city and check out my page for more details .
    Do not hestitate to contact me at anytime .
    Thank you V(=^・ω・^=)v

    Hanh Dung (Ho Chi Minh City)

    Hcm shi wa kirei ne! ^^

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