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Saigon Opera house does not always open for travelers to visit inside the theater so that's why the opera house is usually quite and visitors can only pass by or take some photos outside the Opera house.

However, the most things I like about this destination is that every Sunday morning, there are street performances in front of the Opera, welcome everyone to enjoy the show. It's totally free.

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"Saigon opera house" is a place that most travelers just pass by, take some photos with because they don't allow people to get enter just for having a look. If you really want to see its interior: check their shows and buy a ticket. They always have a traditional Vietnamese culture show called "Hồn Việt" (Vietnamese soul) on 15th and 23rd of every month especially performed for foreigners. The show lasts in 1 hour and starts from 5p.m. Ticket price: 100.000 vnd to 300.000 vnd.

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Watched a cultural show highlighting the Vietnamese people, culture, dance. Performance artists are so great i enjoyed it!

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