Binh Tay Market Tour Guide in Ho Chi Minh City

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Binh Tay market, or locals usually call Chợ Lớn, is one of the biggest markets in Ho Chi Minh city.

You can buy anything in the market with cheap price. But, some shops only sell big quantity items.

Binh Tay market is a tourist place but you have to be very careful with your stuff. There are thiefs riding motorbikes and snatch tourist's stuff near the market.

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Binh Tay Market (Vietnamese: Chợ Bình Tây or Chợ Lớn or Chợ Lớn Mới) is the Central Market of Cho Lon in District 6, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Local Vietnamese refer to it as Chợ Lớn, while local Vietnamese-Chinese refer it as 堤岸 - 新街市 "The New Market of Chợ Lớn", and the Chinese other than those living in Vietnam known it only as 堤岸 (Dī'àn, or literally, "embankment").

"The Old Market" (Chinese: 舊街市) did exist in Cho Lon; it used to be on Nguyen Trai Street in District 5. It was destroyed in a raging fire (exact time unknown) and soon after, "The New Market" was built. Although it was used extensively before the fire, local people rarely mention about this lost market except the elderly, or ones who has lived nearby long enough to know the history of this old market.

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This place is also known with the name of China Town, since almost people living and working here are Chinese, who are considered as brothers and sisters of Vietnamese. This corner is the second most important economic corner of Sai Gon, behind Sai Gon centre.

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Reach Binh Tay market and Chinatown to return to ancient times through old architectures, pagodas, temples, and churches.

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