Vietnam History Museum (The National Museum of Vietnamese History) Tour Guide in Ho Chi Minh City

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(Ho Chi Minh City)


When staying in Ho Chi Minh city, you should not miss this place. Each room of the museum which represents for one period in Vietnam history is quite well-organized so that tourists can easily understand the development from the pre-historic period to present. It also showcases some special culture and religions in Vietnam, such as Champa, Oc Eo, and Buddism. Especially, there is one room used for exhibiting a mummy which was found in a tomb in the city.
Furthermore, after having visited the museum, you can also take part in a walking-tour around the Zoo and Botanical Garden nearby.
By the way, I am willing to take you on a trip around this place every Sunday and Saturday.

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(Ho Chi Minh City)


The ordinary learn history from the storytellers while the true leaners approach history through observing history flow before their eyes. Located next to the city's zoo, this site is a must for tourists who first arrive in Vietnam.
The structure of this museum allow visitors to acquire Vietnam history in a chronological order from the primodial era to the contemporary. From pictures, statues, photos as well as the crudest human work shall visualize a dynamic and pertinacious Vietnam in the past virtually in the flesh.
As it is reportedly a must for the history learners, join me on my tour and I will be able to time-travel with you to the good old days of this stunning country.
See you soon!

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With this museum, you can have an overview about the history of the country, which somehow explains people's characteristics here.

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