Notre Dame Cathedral Tour Guide in Ho Chi Minh City

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Notre Dame Cathedral is known as "Nhà thờ Đức Bà". The church only opens at certain times of a week and every time the church just opens for about 1 or 2 hours for Christian mass. If you want to go to the inside of Notre Dame Cathedral, you can visit at 5:30 AM or 5 PM every day. On Sunday, it may open in the morning from 6 AM till 11 AM and 4 PM till 7 PM. Notre Dame Cathedral is famous for its ancient French architecture. At day, many Vietnamese couples take their wedding photos out side of the church.

Out side of Notre Dame Cathedral (on the left) is a park, which is one of the most popular spots for local young people. Vietnamese love to gather around Notre Dame Cathedral at night to have coffee and chat with theirs friends. You can also try many street foods around the church.

Don't worry much about Christian mass, it's not only for local. You can come inside to see beautiful architectures. Maybe if you're lucky, you can be a part of an Christian Vietnamese wedding.

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Notre Dame Cathedral is popular for its location - right at the heart of the city.
The youth usually participates there to drink coffee. We just sit down on the ground, viewing busy street and enjoying peaceful moment of Sai Gon.
If you're there, definitely blend in among the local, drinking coffee and see a different side of a busy Sai Gon.
The price for 1 cup of coffee is just around 8 - 10.000 Vnd.

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The Duc Ba church (we use to call that)usually closes and opens some morning Sunday to everyone coming to hold a ceremony. But you can discover the Saigon younger'cultures aroud there such as 30 April Park (front Independent Place), Center City Post Office, Youth Culture House near there,... The way they share spaces each other and communicate. It's crowed at weekend, there are a lot of actives happen on street. Just ask someone and get along with.. And don't forget take a pics.

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