Old Quarter Tour

Old Quarter Tour

Hanoi, Vietnam


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Duration: 3 hours

Places to Guide: Old Quarter

Hanoi would not be Hanoi without its Old Quarter..The quarter is exhausting ("What's with all the honking?!" my friend asks) and crowded; you'll be jostled by passing motorbikes, cyclos, and hawkers with shoulder-poles hanging pendulous burdens of local produce. The quarter is one of those places in the world that grows on you the more you experience it.

Street Name Translations of Old Quarter Trades
Hang Bac silver

Hang Be rattan rafts

Hang Bo baskets

Hang Bong cotton

Hang Buom sails

Hang Ca fish

Hang Can scales

Hang Cot bamboo mats

Hang Da leather

Hang Dao silk

Hang Dau beans

Hang Dieu bongs and pipes

Hang Dong brass

Hang Duong sugar

Hang Ga chicken

Hang Gai hemp and rope

Hang Giay paper

Hang Hom coffins

Hang Khoai sweet potatoes

Hang Luoc combs

Hang Ma paper replicas/toys

Hang Mam fish

Hang Manh bamboo shades

Hang Muoi salt

Hang Non conical hats

Hang Quat fans

Hang Than charcoal

Hang Thiec tin

Hang Thung barrels

Hang Tre bamboo

Hang Trong drums

Hang Vai cloth

....anyway, as people said "seeing is believing"..i hope one day you guys can visit our beautiful Hanoi and have a great experience here. you can call me anytime, ask me anything you want to know about our city. its a great pleasure for me to be ur tour guide and ill do my best to make ur every moment here to remember.
Cost: US$10 per hour per person
schedule: anytime u want..but in afternoon would be perfect
note: im not really fluent in English, but i believe that body language isnt a bad idea when you re in a different country ^^ and you can learn a bit Vietnamese, its really cool :p

so, hope to see you guys in Hanoi in near furture!!

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