A simple guideline to a successful Meetrip experience

As Meetrip is a community marketplace and the participation of each member can greatly impact the experience of others. To ensure a successful trip or activity experience for all, we ask that our community stands by these rules.

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"What’s the basic procedure of Meetrip?"



Confirm meet up details with a local host after booking. Date, time, and meeting point location are important details to confirm.

Number of People

Your booking is confirmed for a set number of people. Check with your local host before inviting additional people.

Respect the Locality

Many of the local hosts will take you to very local spots, different than other travel services. Please respect local community, lifestyle, food, and your surroundings. Locality enriches the world!


Should any problems arise during your activity, please immediately notify your local host so they have a chance to correct it. They are nice people!


Give feedback for your local host. They appreciate it and so do we!

For more info, see FAQ:
"I don't want to pay before I meet a local host."

Local Hosts

Only legitimate local activities

No activities that include any illegal or pornographic activities, and aim to coerce or convert travelers.

A local host is one person

Only one person can become a local host on Meetrip, whether or not a company operates the activity.
A company or group cannot register as a local host. We think the most important value of a local activity is the personality of a local host, not necessarily the activity content.

Be clear

Accurately represent your listing. Be upfront about pricing, included services and expectations.
You can accept booking and payment only via Meetrip. Keeping transaction on Meetrip is vital in order to build a trustworthy marketplace for travelers and protect from scams.


Promptly reply to messages & booking requests. Imagine if you were a traveler and a local host didn't respond to your message. Would you feel disappointed? Yes, they feel the same way!


Coordinate meet up time and address well in advance of the actual date. Welcome your guests with a big smile!

Uphold bookings

A booking is a commitment. Your guests depend on you for an important part of their travels, so please honor that.

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"How and when do I get paid?"

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