What’s the basic procedure of Meetrip?

  1. The traveler sends a message to the local host and starts a conversation about the activity contents, schedule, etc.
  2. The traveler presses the "Book" button and pays on Meetrip via PayPal. (Travelers may not pay the host in cash during the meet-up.)
  3. The local host accepts or declines the booking from a traveler. After the host accepts, the booking is confirmed and contact info is automatically sent to both parties (full name, email, phone number).
  4. The traveler and the local host meet up and enjoy an activity!

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Why is it necessary to keep my communication and transactions on Meetrip?

At Meetrip, we are creating a marketplace that brings security and trust to the table, in a way that has never been possible before. To avoid scams and protect our customers, it is vital to keep a paper trail of your Meetrip communication and transactions.

[Contact Information Exchange]

You can exchange contact information with a local host/traveler after a local host accepts a booking. After the host accepts, we send the host/traveler each other’s email addresses.

[Reliable Reviews]

Only a traveler who booked through Meetrip can write a review to guarantee it is not fake. Positive reviews boost the local host’s ranking on the Meetrip page and make other travelers more likely to click on their pages.

[Secure Payments]

We hold traveler's payment until 24 hours after the meet-up time. If the local host tries to suddenly switch activities, change the price, or something just isn't quite right, simply contact our support team and we will work it out.
In case of cancellation, please refer the cancellation policy.


Private messages between traveler and local host on Meetrip provide a paper trail that our support team is able to reference in the event that your booking is misrepresented.

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Why can't I call or send an email directly before booking?

We require all contact between local hosts and travelers to be handled on the site before a booking has taken place to maintain your privacy and to keep you safe.
For that reason, we ask that you do not post your personal contact information, such as phone number, email, or Skype ID on your public Meetrip page.
After a local host confirmed booking from a traveler, you can access local host's or traveler's email address and phone number.
For more info, see "Why is it necessary to keep my communication and transactions on Meetrip?".

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How can I contact Meetrip support team?

You can contact us here. The Meetrip support team will get back to you.

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What are the cancellation policies?

Check our Cancellation Policy here.

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I don't receive emails from Meetrip.

In some cases, our emails are filtered as spam by your email software. Please check your spam box and add "support@meetrip.to" to the list of "safe" email addresses.

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What should I do if someone sends me weird messages?

Please report the person by sending an email to us. This site is about pairing a traveler with a fun local host who can show them the city. If our system detects an inappropriate message, we will immediately and permanently ban the account.

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I don't want to pay before I meet a local host.

You are NOT required to pay upfront.
During the booking process of Meetrip, PayPal authorizes your credit card but does not charge you. After the scheduled meet-up time, the local host verifies the activity is finished. Meetrip then holds on to the payment for 24 hours before transferring it to the local host, allowing you time to contact Meetrip in case something went wrong.
(You may not pay your local host in cash for the activity during the meet-up. Doing so violates our Terms of Service and makes us unable to provide customer support.)

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What is PayPal? Do I have to make an account?

PayPal is the biggest, safest, and most popular online payment system in the world. For additional information, check out the Wikipedia page.
If you don’t have a PayPal account, registration is quick, easy, and free. Go to PayPal website to open account.
If you do not want to open a PayPal account, you can easily pay for your activities on Meetrip with a credit or debit card. After the booking, when prompted for your PayPal information on the PayPal page, simply select the "Don't have a PayPal account?" option below the PayPal login details. From there, you can pay with an ordinary credit or debit card without creating a PayPal account.

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I just submitted a booking request to a local host. Now what?

The local host will receive an email from us alerting them about your booking. They have 48 hours to respond. You will receive an update from us when they accept, decline, or don't respond.

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I think a local host is trying to cheat me.

If you feel something is suspicious when you communicate with a local host, such as if they attempt to make you pay off-site, or if they try to bait and switch the price in messaging, please alert the Meetrip team so we can step in to help.

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Will I receive a refund in the event of any natural disasters?

In cases of severe weather or natural disasters, we are still required to uphold the cancellation policy that was agreed upon at the time of booking. This means that refunds are not automatically warranted. Although we do encourage locals to issue refunds under these circumstances, any refunds beyond the cancellation policy is ultimately their decision.

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How much does it cost to list on Meetrip? / What fees does Meetrip charge?

Offering and discovering activities on Meetrip is always free! Local hosts will only get charged for accepted bookings in which we deduct 20% of the total cost of the booking. Please note that additional fees will be charged from PayPal associated with your PayPal account on your side.

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How and when do I get paid?

After an activity, Meetrip will hold your payment for 24 hours (allowing the traveler to confirm the activity took place), and then send it via PayPal. Meetrip deducts 20% of the total cost of the booking.
We issue payouts for completed activities once a week. In the near future, we will be implementing an automatic payout so you get paid faster.
Please note that there are no cash transaction between a local host and a traveler.

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What is PayPal? How can I make an account?

PayPal is the biggest and safest online payment system in the world. As a local host, you will need to have a PayPal account to receive payment. If you don't currently have a PayPal account, please register on the PayPal website. Opening an account is free.
If you don't know about PayPal, please look at their Wikipedia page.

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How do I collect taxes for the booking?

Your state or locality may impose a tax or taxes on the tours or the tour fees related thereto. Because Meetrip is not a party to your tour agreement with the Traveler, and is not your or the Travelers’ contracting agent, nor does it do business as a tour provider, it is your sole responsibility to collect and/or pay any tax due and remit such tax or taxes to the appropriate taxing jurisdiction. For questions about your liability for any state or local tax, you should contact your own attorney, accountant or tax advisor.

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I'm a local host and I need to cancel a reservation. Help!

We take local host cancellations very seriously, because they pose a huge problem to travelers' travel plans and they hurt the reliability of our service and community. When a local host cancels, their ranking in search results is negatively affected. However, we understand that situations come up, so in the event that you need to cancel, there is a common practice in place that a local host should follow:
1. Contact the traveler directly ASAP to notify them of the cancellation. If available, phone is better than email.
2. To officially cancel the reservation, you must go to your inbox and find the conversation with the guest. There is a cancel button there.

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Can I change my activity price only for a certain traveler?

There is a "Change the Price" button on conversation page with a traveler. You can change the price anytime until a traveler books your activity.


- A traveler contacts you about your activity, priced at $10 per person. He and his wife want to book your activity.
- During the following conversation, the traveler wants to visit a different place and asks the price. Since the new location takes more time, you decide to increase the price to $35 total.
- You press the “Change the Price” button on the conversation page, and change the price of the activity to $35.
- The traveler books your activity for $35.

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How can I make an attractive activity page?

We recommend three tips: title, photo, and description.
To edit your activity, click here.

[Descriptive and original title]

The title of your activity is headline to catch traveler’s attention. See "How can I make an attractive activity title?".

[Several interesting photos]

When you first create an Activity, try to upload at least 3 photos. The more photos you upload, the more people will access your page. We suggest photos of you with your friends or guests, the landscape, or local foods. Smiling photos with your friends are the best way to be clicked.

[Detailed description of your Activity]

Please explain your activity very clearly about what to do, where to go, etc. To attract guests, write rich information. Everyone wants to know what you have planned! For more info, see "What kind of information should I write in the Activity Details section?".

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How can I make an attractive activity title?

You can catch the traveler’s attention by your activity title. Make your title specific rather than vague, including the name of the area and activity.
For example, ‘Traditional lunch in Tokyo’, ‘Experience Malay Culture’, and ‘Visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ are all good titles. If you cannot think of a good title, browse through the Activity Page for inspiration.

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What kind of information should I write in the Activity Details section?

The information you should write in the Activity Details section is:

[Detailed summary of where the Activity will take place]

Please describe not only where you are going, but also why that place is famous/popular.

[Cost included and excluded]

Please make it clear that what kind of cost is included/excluded in the activity price. Some local hosts include food, transportation, and admission tickets in the activity price. Other hosts don’t, and expect a guest to pay for their own food, transportation, and tickets. For more info, see "What costs are included or excluded in my listed Activity price?"

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What costs are included or excluded in my listed Activity price?

In the Activity description page, please clearly list what is and is not included (if anything) in the listed price.
If you will be paying for any of your traveler’s costs, such as their lunch, train ticket, or entrance fee, include that information in your Activity description. For example,

Price includes:
- Train ticket from the hotel to the National Museum of Art
- Admission ticket to the National Museum of Art
Price does not include:
- Lunch after the museum (Approximately 10US$)

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Where should I meet a traveler who booked my activity?

We strongly recommend you meet them at their hotel lobby!

Travelers are typically not familiar with the layout of the city or the public transportation system. In order to make the initial meet-up run smoothly, here are a couple of suggestions.

[Choose a meeting place that is easy for the guest to find.]

The traveler’s hotel lobby is the ideal meet-up spot. Other successful meet-up spots are specific train or bus stops.
We ask that you wait at least 30 minutes, in case your traveler has gotten lost. If they don’t show up, you generally still receive your payment.

[Choose a specific area to meet at]

If you are meeting at the hotel lobby, specify the exact location, such as the lobby’s mini-fountain. In the case of bus or train stations, pick a specific exit number or kiosk. We also recommend you take a picture of the meet-up place and send it to your guest, so they know what to look for.

[Send the location name in your local language]

Please send your traveler the name of the meet-up location in your local language, so they can ask locals for directions.

[Wear specific, bright color clothes]

Pick your outfit ahead of time and send your guest the details, so they can locate you. For example, "I will be wearing a yellow scarf." Also, ask your guest to identify themselves by their hair color, outfit, or other features.

[Exchange a phone number]

During the booking process, your phone number will be automatically sent to the traveler. Please confirm ahead of time they received your phone number, so they can call if you if they are running late.

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