Male Nicolas



Language: Français, English

I'm an IT consultant from Belgium. My domain of expertise is the software development with .Net technologies and I'm currently working for a company in the energy sector in Brussels.

I'm 33 and I love travelling and I've already been to France, England, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Germany, Switzerland Czech republic and Romania. I stayed a year in Denmark as a foreign student.

My favortie cuisine is Italian, but I do love the Belgian, French and Japanese ones too (althrough I don't know the Japanese cuisine that much, but I intent to discover a lot of it while I'm in Japan).

I'm interested in technology in general and mmore specificly everything that touches the IT area (hardware as well as software). I'm also interested in photography (actually I've just started and I see how it goes).

Since I'm a kid, I like animes (that's how I discovered Japan !), mangas, comic books and video games as well. I also like to go to the cinema with friends or just going out to have a drink.

I'll be traveling to Japan for the second time in November 2015 with my twin brother. So far we decided to visit Nagasaki and Fukuoka (never been there before), then visit again Kyoto/Osaka.himeji and finally Tokyo.

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