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Amsterdam, Netherlands



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I like to travel and explore. But above all i like food. I'm constant looking for new recipes and tastes. I'm also interested in gadgets.

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Wow what a tour this was. First off many thanks to Miho for taking the time to create this tour. We had good fun all thorough out the day . I was picked up at Kamakura station. We then proceed on a bus to Enoshima. A small island connected by a bridge from the main land. A wow what was it hot that day. A cool breeze from the sea helped a bit. We stopped at a restaurant for Nama Shirasu Don. A beautiful rice bowl topped with fish eggs, Nama, Salmon and Jack something (i forgot the name) Delicious. We then made a short stroll over Enoshima. I saw a large shell with a huge sea slug being offered to eat. And i had seen it before in a food program. So we tried it out. Not much success. Very chewy and bitter. We then made a stroll over the bridge to the train that would take us to see the big Daibutsu Buddha, This statue, made of bronze. We also had the opportunity to go inside of the buddha. After this visit we arrived a a temple with all kinds of different shrines around. A lot of stairs, but a beautiful view over the city and beaches. As well as a beautiful garden around. After the temple it was time for another short train ride to Kita-Kamakura. Here we were just in time to take part in a meditation session in a wonderful temple. Sitting in the lotus position. Expect sore legs. Wow really painful. But only for a few seconds. An explanation was done by the temple high monk about what to do with life. Very interesting. After this we had a nice dinner in Kamakura center. This was a great closure of the tour. A really relaxing tour if you stayed in busy tokyo for a couple of days. A nice way to appreciate the silence again. I can really recommend Miho as a tour guide. Easy to communicate with. Very helpful. Again Miho thank you for that day.

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