Female Amrita

Sydney, Australia



Language: English

Hi I am Amrita!
I am 23 y/o and from sydney australia.
I love dancing and am doing a B.A at Uni, my first major is dance and I teach p/t.
my interests are:

+ food and eating!!!! the weird, the wonderful and the tasty...

+anything to do with the ocean

+My dream travel destination is Venice

+my favourite place I have been so far is San Francisco // and L.A

+ I love ghibli films and also HBO's Girls

+the saying shop till you drop does not apply to me...I keep going...
my indecisiveness at times is the only thing that makes me reasonable.

+werid obsession with food courts/ sneakers/socks

I love travelling and cant wait to go to Japan!!

Work and Education:

  • Dance Central Sydney · Sydney, Australia · present to present · Chatty Mcgee!
  • Barrenjoey · Class of 2007
  • Macquarie University
  • Barrenjoey High School

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