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► About Me
-Hi guys ,
My name is Nattie ,
First thing I want to tell you is.. If you choose me/My program i guarantee you will not disappointed ! :D
I am a young business owner of my start up company in Bangkok. My company is organized all kinds of events in all over Thailand. And yes , parts of them i do organizing parties in all over Thailand so that' how i know the best places to parties , good restaurants , hotels , attraction places.

And yes , That's how i know many people for good connections to bring you to some good place plus is a good deal of food / drinks / events ticket and you will NOT have to pay as a tourist price. Even better sometimes i can bring you to a free parties! in town. ;) I love to make new friends . I have a friends from so many countries, I am a very friendly person , honest, loyal , funny etc.

About the cost price , Is not a big deal , We can talk about this again for negotiable :)
► My Hobbies
- I love to dance , I love music , I love to watch movies, I love to travel !

► My best travel experience
- My best travel experience. Well , I actually have a lot ! Such as traveling to a very lovely beach / island that not too far from Bangkok , Traveling to see some waterfall, Go camping on the mountain , hiking etc. All that with quite cheap cost. ;)

Give us a chance to know each other ! And let's have fun .. Enjoy wonderful moment together!

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