Female Yulawan

Bangkok, Thailand



Language: English, Nederlands, ภาษาไทย

► Hello to all travelers around the world. My name is Boom, currently working at the International school in Bangkok. I love to traveling and making a new friends with sharing the great experience of the things we met in travel or the local life.

I was a local bicycle tour guide for 6 years , Lively , smiley , knowing the real local life what the expat travelers should know. Especially i will taking you to see the place with not so many or don't have tourists could ever see. that can proof you will have a good and wonderful time with my tour.

► My Hobbies - I love to making planes to many dream destination trip when is my school holiday. Searching for internet of the new knowledge. Cycling - Searching the new routing.

►Countries we've visited - Netherlands , Belgium, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali Indonesia , Laos, Vietnam , Japan, Hong Kong.

► My best travel experience - Japan is the best one of my great experience, as they're one of the most dream destination i would love to visited. Great place, Great people, Weather , Food !!!

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