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Temple Tour around Old Town of Bangkok

I'll be your friend to explore our famous temples around the old town area of Bangkok: Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald), Wat Rakang Kositaram and Wat Arun

Map-pin-grey Bangkok, Thailand

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Don't worry that it's gonna be another history class at school because I'm not a history professor lol I might not know all the details but I can show you around and a nice spot for you to take nice photos. Also, I'll take you try local foods around there which is absolutely tasty! #mouth watering

10.00 a.m Start our trip at Wat Phra Kaew and walk around. I can be your personal
photographer for sure so don't worry that you gonna miss the nice shots while
exploring there.

12.00 a.m Lunch time! I'll take you Tha Phrachan or Phrachan Pier. It's the place that full of all
awesome local foods. Since my university is just right next to the pier, I know the
place well and, yes, I got my favorite restaurant there and wanna share with you!

13.00 p.m Finish lunch. We'll take a ferry to Wat Rakang Kositaram which situated on the
opposite side of the pier. Wat Rakang Kositaram got a nice ambiance to chill out,
including fish feeding we can do that there as well.

14.00 p.m Take a boat to Wat Pho. It is very famous for the giant reclining Buddha and Thai massage.
After a day of walking, you might be interested to have Thai massage there too!

Any day you're available. Also, the activity is flexible. We can discuss as well where you'd like to go. Just let me know!

Meeting Point:
At your hotel's lobby is possible. Or BTS Sky Train station near your place is fine as well.

Price Includes:
Food and drinks at the restaurant

Price Doesn't Include:
Admission fee to Wat Phrakaew (Temple of Emerald Buddha 500 THB/person) and Wat Pho (150 THB/person) and transportation from and back to your hotel.

Activity Reviews (8)

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Thank you so much Niti for making my trip so special and for you help to tell me everything about bangkok the culture, food, people and many others. You are very nice and so friendly 😊

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Niti is friendly and cheerful!
She told me about Thai culture such as history of temple or the latest fashion trend.
Unfortunately The Grand Palace was closed when we visited,but she offered an alternative plan and we enjoyed
exciting Khaosan road.
The local restaurant she took me was really nice.
It was my first trip to Thailand and Meetrip,thanks to her,it became a wonderful experience in Bangkok.
I highly recommend Niti because of her hospitality and cheerful personality.

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My trip with Niti was awesome!! She is such a nice, friendly person and I really enjoyed my time with her. She is very smart, articulate and able to explain things about the Thai culture that I found was very interesting. Just like the YouTube videos of her, she has a great personality and is fun to be with. If you want an awesome experience, then definitely book with Niti!!!

Local Host Reviews


This girl's gonna make you happy on your whole trip. She is kindly, funny, friendly and lovely person . Also she is Meetrip's emcee on the most Meetrip's videos on Youtube. So that's why we can trust her. If you like to have a difference experience from an old same guide book or guide tour, it's better to talk with Niti or Kaow as her nickname.

Local Host Reviews

I met her for the first time Jun this year. I thought she was very friendly after I’d talked with her for a while. I’m Japanese so I communicate with her in English. Her English is excellent and perfect. I envy her actually haha. She is not only a great English speaker but also smart and of course familiar with Bangkok and Thailand. I guarantee she can be a good friend of you and I recommend you to enjoy traveling Thailand with her :)

Kaow is a friendly, open-minded, entertaining person. She will warmly answer your question since she is knowledgable and helpful as well. If you come to Bangkok, I would definitely recommend going on her tour, it will be enjoyable and unforgatable:)

This girl's gonna make you happy on your whole trip. She is kindly, funny, friendly and lovely person . Also she is Meetrip's emcee on the most Meetrip's videos on Youtube. So that's why we can trust her. If you like to have a difference experience from an old same guide book or guide tour, it's better to talk with Kaow.

She's lovely and always nice to everyone and I'm very impressed because of her personality that can make me feel relaxed and fun when I spend my time with her. If you want to have amazing memories and nice experiences while you travel in Thailand, I'm sure that Kaow is perfect for your journey!

KAOW She was a charming woman courteous and understanding of your needs. That activity or a place where you'll meet will be a good experience for sure.

Kaow is kind and friendly. Her English is very fluent. She is the best guide of you if you want to know about Thai culture.

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: US$44 / Person
: Bangkok, Thailand
: 5 hours

About LocalHost

► My Thai nickname is actually 'Kaow' but since it's hard for foreigners to pronounce, you can also call me Niti (Shortened from my first name). Traveling is my most favorite activity. I used to be an exchange student in England for a month and in Czech Republic for a year and that changed my whole life. Learning new language and culture becomes my passion and I would like you to experience the same feeling as me :) Join my activity and let's explore Bangkok together! :)

► Favorite
- Sport : Table tennis, tennis, volleyball
- food : Pastaaa
- Country : Every place I've been to :)

► Quote of Yourself
- "Don't tell me it can't be done" -- Theodore Roosevelt

► Your best travel experience
- 3 Days in Vangvieng, Laos. It was tough but end up being the greatest adventure ever!

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