Evening Rattanakosin museum trip.

Map-pin-white Bangkok, Thailand

Walk through the street, see the life, see the light, touch Thai culture, and try famous locals food.


Map-pin-grey Bangkok, Thailand

► About Yourself
-Hi guys! My name is Ja. I'm a medical student from Thailand.
Nice to meet you all. I'd love to become friends with people from other countries.
I'm quite open-minded and easy to get along with. I really love to travel and exchange experiences with other travelers.

► Favorite
- Sport: Yoga
- food : Tom yum Kung
- Activity : Travel

► Quote of Yourself
-Think a little less, live a little more.

► Your best travel experience
- Solotrip in Singapore

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Activity Detail

5 hours


-About Rattanakosin exhibition hall
The museum is clad with state-of-the-art multimedia and interactive technologies, presentation devices, models and multi-media and multi-touch animation technologies. Visitors can view a 4D multimedia display presenting the beginning of the Rattanakosin, which is held in a small theater called the Grandeur Rattanakosin Room, and features not only audio and video, but also allows members to experience the presentation using touch and smell. Another fabulous feature of the museum is the 360-degree multimedia presentation, featuring traditional entertainment spectacles and performances. Children can find a spot on the floor and enjoy the show, panoramic-style. They also get to watch Ramakien animation, learn khon (Thai masked dance) gestures and try their hands at maneuvering small puppets.

-Meeting point: Kaosan road.

3.00pm Meet at Kaosan road. Try local foods from the stalls along Kaosan road.Then heading to Nitasrattanakosin museum .
3.30pm. Visit "Nitasrattanakosin museum or Rattanakosin exhibition hall". Learn more about Thai culture and Rattanakosin Era.
6.30pm. Watch a sunset from the top of "The Golden mount", nice breeze when you reach the top. Definitely worth a visit if you are into temples and cultural stuff.
7.00pm. have a dinner at the most famous Pad Thai restaurant in Bangkok which known as Pad Thai Thip Samai or Pad Thai Pratu Pi.
7.15pm. Visit Giant swing.
7.30pm. Try local dessert at the best place for Thai toasted bread and fresh milk in Bangkok , Mont nomsod.
8.15pm. Take a tuktuk back to Kaosan road. End the evening trip with me here. You can enjoy Kaosan nightlife by yourself if you'd like to.

Availability : Every weekdays evening

-Price is included dinner, Thai toasted bread, and transportation.
-Price is not included Rattanakosin exhibition hall admission fee.
-place and time could be changed by our agreement. You can tell me if there are anything you would like to do further. I'll decide it in proper way.