Local Tour around Khosan Road

Map-pin-white Bangkok, Thailand


Map-pin-grey Bangkok, Thailand

► About Yourself
-I am a Japanese exchange student in Bangkok and have been here since August 2014. My University is located near the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Sanam Luang and Khaosan road in Bangkok, which are all famous attractions for tourists. I have lived in the area across the Chao Phraya River so I am familiar with both the local area and activities as well as famous tourist spots. Because I am also a foreigner of Thailand, I can relate to what is attractive for visitors coming to Bangkok. Experience in the local area and seeing local people would be a more memorable experience for you.

► Favorite
- Sport Soccer , Futsal, Thai boxing
- food Japanese food ,Thai food, Khao ManGai, Ko Muu, Ka pao, Khay Yaan, TomYam Khun
- Country Thailand, Japan, Indonesia,Laos and etc
- Activity Travel Exercise, jogging, Listen and create Music
- booking Novel

► Your best travel experience
- Traveling Laos and Bali

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Activity Detail

3 hours


- Summary
Let's drink some coffee and hangout ina local Cafe around Khaosan or wherever you want .
I will ask what you want to do , and then I will show you around!!

- Schedule
1.Meet up the Khaosan Road or wherever you want
2.Hangout in a comfy local cafe or restaurant and i will ask you what you want to do
3. I will show you around, according to your request.

- Availability

- Meeting Point
Khaosan or anywhere
- Price includes
Coffee and light meal